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Hospital Consolidated Laboratories/Providence Hospital
Hospital Point of Care Manual
ABL-80 Procedure
Document No 37.0 Originator S. Maisonville Adopted Date 5/28/08 Approved by Dr. Herschman Version No 1 Revised by Revision Date Page 1 of 12


The Radiometer ABL-80 Flex consists of the portable, automated analyzer, a multi-use disposable sensor cassette and a solution pack. All necessary solutions contained in the solution pack are introduced automatically as required into the sensor cassette via the valve/manifold assembly. All waste liquids are transported to the waste pouch contained in the solution pack. The ABL-80 Flex measures pH, blood gases, electrolytes, glucose and hematocrit in whole blood. It is designed for use with undiluted arterial and venous whole blood and requires a minimum sample volume of 70 L. The following parameters are measured pH, pCO2, pO2, cCa++, cK+, cNa+, cCl-, cGlu and Hematocrit. Fora list of derived parameters, please refer to the ABL-80 Flex Operator’s Manual. Three different measuring principles are used by the ABL-80 analyzer. They are

Potentiometry: The potential of a sensor chain is recorded using a voltmeter and related to the concentration of the sample (the Nernst equation.

Amperometry: The magnitude of an electrical current flowing through a sensor chain is proportional to the concentration of the substance being oxidized or reduced at an electrode in the chain.

Conductometry: Specific impedance of a sample as measured by two conducting electrodes held at a constant voltage is directly proportional to the conductive properties of that sample. Fora detailed description of the measuring principles employed for each analyte, seethe Reference Manual for ABL80 Flex - Sensors. This method is classified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA’88) as a moderate complexity test method (per FDA update November 1, 2005). Results obtained on the ABL-80 maybe used for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

Responsible persons:
Sampling sites
Analyzer power –
Powering down
Installing printer paper
Installing sensor cassette
Qc3 - qc3 is the integrated quality control system of the abl-80 flex and consists of the following elements
Quality control
Corrective actions
Performance verification testing
Patient testing procedure - stepwise:
To edit patient information
Procedure notes
Cleaning during solution pack installation
Reportable range of abl-80
Reporting results
Procedures for abnormal or unexpected results

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