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Message from the President
I want to welcome you personally to the Fall 2008 semester at College of San Mateo, one of the most highly-respected community colleges in the State.
You’ll find an exciting semester ahead.
As a student at CSM, you will be joining along tradition of excellence. Since 1922, CSM has served many generations from San Mateo County and the wider San Francisco Bay Area, helping students build their futures. Whether a first-time college student, a continuing student, or one who is returning to college after several years, you have a place at CSM.
In fact, CSM is planning for your future right now. With more than 1,000 classes offered, CSM’s programs run the gamut from A (Accounting) to P (Photography) to Z (General Zoology). Hundreds of classes are delivered in modes to suit your individual needs, including online, TV, accelerated, and open-entry courses. Whats more, CSM offers you An excellent track record for transfer to a year college or university Guaranteed transfer admission agreements with major universities Many options to train fora first-time job, prepare fora new career, and enhance your job skills Award-winning faculty Personal attention from outstanding counselors and staff

A beautiful campus with panoramic views Several state-of-the-art facilities, including anew Science Building, Planetarium, and Public Safety Center New athletic fields and successful sports teams An array of student activities, including special lectures and performances
CSM is also building your future. Once on campus, you will probably see a lot of construction underway. Over the next few years, you’ll find anew Student Center, Allied Health Occupations Center, and Fitness and Aquatic Center as well as dozens of other new facilities and renovated classrooms.
I invite you to take advantage of all that CSM has to offer and hope you enjoy the semester ahead.
Michael Claire

College of san mateo
Course listings
Accuracy statement
Faculty spotlight makiko ueda
Student spotlight richard tyler
Fall 2008 important dates
Admissions and records office hours
Admission and registration
Late registration for all students
Program changes –
Classes that begin after august 29
August 18–29to drop a semester-long class with eligibility for fee
Office of admissions and records:
Log onto
International students
College connection
Priority enrollment program (pep)
Dismissed students
Steps to successful enrollment
Or- if you have completed an associate - degree or higheror
Step 2: take placement tests
Step 3: orientation
Step 4: meet with a counselor
Step 5: register for classes
Associate degrees, certificate programs and transfer programs
Certificate programs
Admissions and records
Withdrawal from college
Course repetition
Open entry/open exit courses
Incomplete grades
December graduates
Enrollment management
How can students meet
How can prerequisites
Transcript fee
Credit and refund policy
Student body fee
Board of governors enrollment fee
Fees are due and payable at the time of registration.
Step 1: file forms
Step 5: paperwork is complete
Board of governer’s fee waiver
Cal grant ab and c deadline to
California chafee grant (chafee)
Extended opportunity
What kinds of financial aid can i receive?
Career services
Child development center
Counseling services
Disabled students
Library services
Psychological services
Student body card
Transfer services
Featured programs
Apprenticeship programs
Community education classes
Coastside office
Cooperative work experience education
Emeritus institute
Off-campus transportation guidelines
Off-campus classes
Statement on academic freedom
Crime awareness
College policies
Walang diskriminasyong
Student rights and
Privacy rights of students policy
Student resources directory - fall 2008
Reading and esl center
Evening classes
Actg 100 accounting procedures
Actg 121 financial accounting
Evening and on-campus/online classes
On-campus/online classes
A $2.00 materials fee is payable upon registration.
Actg 690 special projects
Admj 102 principles and
Admj 120 criminal investigation
Admj 185 introduction to forensic science
Admj 690 special projects
Admj 880 regular basic course module iii
Evening and saturday classes
Anthropologyanth 110 cultural anthropology
Anth 370 olmec, maya and aztec people and
Anth 690 special projects
Arch 155 architecture, technology,
Arch 210 design 1: introduction to
Aarch 230 design 3:
Arch 666 introduction to architecture
Artart 100 art of the western world
Art 101 art and architecture from the
Art 201 drawing and composition i
Art 202 drawing and composition ii
Art 207 life drawing
Art 223 oil painting i
Art 226 acrylic ii
Art 232 watercolor ii
Art 680 mosaic mural i
Art 354 color photography i
Art 405 sculpture i
Art 801 art and architecture from the
Art 804 art of the 20
Astr 103 observational astronomy lab
Biol 140 animals, people and environment
Preparation: eligibility for engl 848. (csu/uc) online classes
Biol 210 general zoology
Biol 230 introductory cell biology
Recommended preparation:
Bcst 450 internship in broadcasting
Building inspection technology
Biol 250 anatomy
Biol 690 special projects
Broadcast and
Bus. 150 small business management
Bus. 315 keyboarding i
Bus. 352 introduction to insurance
Bus. 401 business communications
Bbusiness applications -
Off-campus classes
Busw 383 business presentations
Busw 416 spreadsheet ii
Career and life planning
A $5.00 materials fee is payable upon registration.
Crer 108 achieving an associate degree and/
Crer 122 strategies for educational success
Crer 123 career exploration for success
Crer 140 peer counseling
Chem 220 general chemistry ii
Chem 232 organic chemistry ii
Chem 410 health science chemistry i
Crer 880 introduction to financial aid
Chemistrychem 192 elementary chemistry
Chin 121 advanced elementary chinese i
Computer and
Cis 111 introduction to
Cis 380 internet programming php
Cis 390 internet programming perl
Ccis 479 network security fundamentals
Cis 690 special projects
Cooperative work
Coop 640 cooperative work experience
For cosm ax sections, a $25.00 materials fee is payable upon
Cosm 732 advanced cosmetology i
Cosm 742 advanced cosmetology ii
Cosm 750 brush-up
Dent 721 dental materials i
Dent 735 communication
Ddent 751 dental clinic
A $16.00 materials fee is payable upon registration.
Dskl 817 assistive computer access
Drafting technology
Draf 680 solidworks i
Econ 690 special projects
Eelec 442 electronic and
Engr 215 computational methods for
Engr 690 special projects
Engl 100 composition and reading
Engl 100/101 composition and
Engl 110 composition,
Engl 690 special projects
Lit. 823 american literature i
Esl 400 composition for nonnative speakers
Esl 855 reading for nonnative speakers i
Esl 895 individualized reading
Esl 896 essential vocabulary
Evening/off-campus classes
Esl course sequence
Ethn 150 social dynamics of people of color
Ethn 151 patterns of prejudice and racism i
Ethn 262 african-american culture ii
Ethn 288 african-american cinema
Ethn 351 the primal mind
Eethn 360 the people and cultures of
Ethn 440 cultural experience
Filmfilm 100 introduction to film
Film 110 american cinema
Fire technology
Fren 116 beginning french ii
Fren 117 advanced beginning french i
Fren 118 advanced beginning french ii
Fren 121 advanced elementary french i
Fire 880 firefighter i academy
Foreign languages
Fren 111 elementary french i
Geog 150 world regional geography
Geog 690 special projects
Geol 101 geology laboratory
Germ 111 elementary german i
Gra 115 designing with type i essentials of
Gra 160 adobe photoshop
Gra 690 special projects
Historyhist 100 history of western civilization i
Hist 102 history of american civilization
Hist 690 special projects
Hort 327 nursery management
Humanities hum. 101 introduction to humanities
Hum. 111 religion, literature
Hum. 131 cultural achievements
Hum. 140 cultural heritage
Hum. 690 special projects
Hmsv 262 empowerment
Integrative learning
Dead man walking learning community
Philosophy and psychology in
Writing in the end zone i
Hto view sample class schedules built around the
Ital 117 advanced beginning italian i
Ital 118 advanced beginning italian ii
Ital 120 advanced elementary italian
Japn 111 elementary japanese i
Jour 300 newspaper production
Library studies
Libr 110 information resources and
Machine tool technology
Management also see businessmgmt 100 introduction
Math 110 elementary algebra
Math 115 geometry
Online classes
Mathematics course sequence
Math 222 precalculus
Math 253 calculus with analytic geometry iii
Math 690 special projects
Meteorologymete 100 elementary meteorology
Mult 101 web ready
Mult 102 intro to multimedia
Mult 184 digital video
Mult 690 special projects
Mus. 275 history of jazz
Evening and off-campus classes
Mus. 101 musicianship i
Mus. 131 harmony i
Mus. 202 music listening and enjoyment
Mus. 401 voice i
Mus. 430 symphonic band
Mus. 665 advanced piano studies
Mus. 665 advanced jazz music performance
Mus. 665 advanced steel drum band
Mus. 800 computer-assisted
Nnurs 215 nursing skills lab i
Nurs 232 medical/surgical nursing
Nurs 235 nursing skills lab iii
Mus. 292 sound creation
Nurs 212 concepts of homeostatis in nursing
Philosophyphil 100 introduction to philosophy
Phil 244 contemporary
Nurs 690 special projects
Oceanographyocen 100 oceanography
Pphil 300 introduction to world religions
Phil 690 special projects
Adap 130 adapted sports
Adap 155 adapted back care
Adap 875 adapted evaluation
Danc 121 contemporary modern dance
Danc 143 intermediate ballet ii
Danc 400 dance production
Fitn 195 ao is open monday through friday, 7:10–9:00 am.
Fitn 235 cross training boot camp
Fitn 680 yoga – dahn style
P.e. 103 theory of defensive football
P.e. 810 adapted pe. assistant lab
Advanced baseball is open mondays, wednesdays and fridays, 1:10-4:00
Team 118 advanced basketball women
Team 148 indoor soccer
Team 158 advanced softball women
Varsity football is open monday through friday, 3:10-6:00 p.m.
Offensive varsity football lab is open monday, wednesday and friday,
Defensive varsity football lab is open monday, wednesday and friday,
Varsity women’s cross country is open monday through friday, 1:10-4:00 p.m.
Phys 210 general physics i
Phys 220 general physics ii
Phys 260 physics with calculus ii
Phys 690 special projects
Plsc 120 area studies middle east
Plsc 130 international relations
Plsc 200 national, state and local government
Plsc 210 american politics
Plsc 212 introduction to
Plsc 215 contemporary issues
Plsc 310 california state
Psychologypsyc 100 general psychology
Psyc 110 courtship, marriage and the family
Ppsyc 200 developmental psychology
Psyc 220 introduction to psychobiology
Psyc 225 theories of personality
Psyc 300 social psychology
Read 400 academic textbook reading
Read 412 college-level individualized
Read 415 reading across the disciplines
Read 454 college-level
Read 815 advanced spelling mastery
Read 825 introduction to college reading
R.e. 100 real estate principles
R.e. 141 real estate appraisal basic
Soci 105 honors social problems
Soci 110 courtship, marriage and the family
Soci 340 human sexuality
Span 110 elementary spanish
Span 115 beginning spanish i
Span 117 advanced beginning spanish i
Span 132 intermediate spanish ii
Span 690 special projects
Speech communication
Spch 690 special projects
Trade and industry
Weldingweld 210 advanced welding theory i
Weld 690 special projects
Skyline college
Artart 201 drawing and composition i
Englishengl 100 composition and reading
Engl 161 creative writing i
Engl 163 creative writing iii
Filmfilm 200 film in focus film directors
Health science
Historyhist 201 united states history i
Mathematicsmath 110 elementary algebra
Musicmus. 371 guitar i
Spanishspan 801 conversational spanish i, elementary
Time and days of regular class meeting time and day of final examination
Evening/weekend classes
College of san mateo distance learning guide
Semester rental of telecourse tapes
Use your video cassette
Distance learning
Where can i find kcsm-tv?
Getting started in your course:
Students unable to attend the
Pass/no pass
Transferable courses
Final grades reported on
This handy questionnaire will help you decide
General requirements for all online courses:
Accountingfinancial accounting
Distance learning website
Biology introduction to life sciences
Cis 390 w2 (90070) (2.0 units)introductory meeting:
Last day to drop with refund
Specific course requirement:
General requirements for all telecourses:
Tv: mon, 7–8 am, sept. 8 – dec. 1 campus meetings:
Tv: wed, 7–8 am, sept. 10 – dec. 3campus meetings:
Registration deadline
General health science
Tv: fri, 9–10 am, sept. 12 – dec. 5campus meetings:
Registration deadline:
Specific course requirement
Last day to drop with refund:
Note: this telecourse has an online component.
Tv: thurs., 12–1 pm, sept. 11 – dec. 4campus meetings:
Tv: thurs., 9–10 am, sept. 11 – dec. 4campus meetings:
Spanish 115, 116, 117 and 118
A.a./a.s. degree and certificate programs at csm
Environmental studies & agriculture
A.a./a.s. degree
Additional associate
Two-year occupational
Certificates of achievement
Program planning and
Associate in arts/science degree requirements
Arch 100; art
Admj 100; arch
Requirements for
Certification of
Transfer admission procedures
Csm transfer services
Csu information
Transcript evaluation and
Administration of justice
Business microcomputer operations
Drafting technology
Geography100, 110, 150, 680-689, 690geology
Journalism110, 120, 300, 641, 680-689, 690library studies
Oceanography100, 101, 680-689, 690paleontology
Speech communication
Area a communication skills and critical thinking
Paln 110 phys
C2 humanities
Hist 100, 101, 102, 201, 202, 260, 310, 315, 350 hum
Area 1 – english communication 6 – 9 semester units required
Group b humanities
Group a physical science
Asl 112, 121, 122 chin
September 2, 2008
Parking by permit only during class hours

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