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Manual Fun4Four V2.0_en page 3 of 76 We thank you for choosing To gain satisfactory use from your
Fun4Four, please read the operating instructions thoroughly. Please store this manual in such away as to make it readily at hand if so required. WARNING This is a Class A product – see EC Declaration of Conformity. Ina domestic environment this product may cause radio interference in which case the user maybe required to take adequate measures. For additional queries, our Hotline is at your service. Call +43 / 72 29 / 78 0 40 – 250
Fun4Four machine manual.
(MZ - 15.09.2015) The text passages and illustrations contained within this document were put together with the greatest amount of care and attention, however, mistakes cannot be completely ruled out. The manufacturer accepts no legal responsibility or liability in any form with regard to errors in detail, and any consequences that may arise from such errors. The manufacturer is thankful for any suggestions for improvement or pointers leading to errors. All rights - including any arising from photomechanical reproduction and storage in electronic or any other medium - are reserved. The program, handbook, and all components are subject to international copyright regulations.

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© 1996 – 2015 TAB Austria
4052 Ansfelden, Austria, Haider Strasse 40, Phone +43 (0) 7229 78 0 40, Fax +43 (0) 7229 78 6 60 All rights reserved.

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Table of content
Pc-system components
Setup and connections
Maintenance operating elements
Wiring diagram main harness
Ec declaration of conformity
Operating equipment
Setup and connections
Alteration description for seat position
Menu general
Standby settings
Enhanced configuration
Menu bookkeeping
Menu game price settings
Menu pin settings
Menu championsnet
Online terminal management (otm)
Online accounting
Menu app feature settings (otm required)
Menu online remote control (otm required)
Error messages
Maintenance operating elements
Bill acceptor
Wiring diagram main harness
End user license agreement for microsoft software
Software license
Storage/network use
Limitation on reverse engineering, de-compilation and disassembly:
No other warranties

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