Management Reporter User Guide

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Management Reporter User Guide
Microsoft Corporation Published March 2013

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP
Management Reporter User Guide Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions that enables you and your people to make business decisions with greater confidence. Microsoft Dynamics works like and with familiar Microsoft software, automating and streamlining financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes in away that helps you drive business success. US. and Canada Toll Free 1-888-477-7989 Worldwide +1-701-281-6500
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Microsoft dynamics ax
Management reporter for microsoft dynamics erp
Section description
Dimension-based account system
Insert reporting units from
Character function for row definitions
Report designer security
Report library security
Role report designer tasks
Description roles allowed
Create a user account
Inactivate a user account
Manage user groups
Security and user groups
Everyone group and public folder
Show inherited permissions option
Add report library permissions to a user or group
Modify report library permissions from a user or group
Reset password for company access
Lock a building block
Protect a building block
Create a company profile
Modify a company profile
Period description
Period description (plural)
Select a default company
Applications and services logs
Log file description
Create and assign a building block group
Create a building block group
View building block group
Export a building block group
Undo the checkout of a building block
Row definitions
Open a row definition
Specify a row code in row definition
Description cell in row definition
Add the description fora line in a report
Restrict the additional text to a specific reporting unit
Add a format code
Format code interpretation of format code
Page page starts anew report page. ---
Operator example formula
Relate a format row to an amount row
Cbr rows are not printed on the completed report. the cbr
Select the base row in a row definition fora column calculation
Percentage in the format category
Specify a sorting code
Override cell formatting
Percentage formatting
Control, see select print control in row definitionsee also
Account modifiers
Book code modifiers
Use row modifier to override row information
Financial dimensions
Modify zero balance settings
Multiple-segment or multiple-dimension ranges
Add or subtract accounts from other accounts
Add dimension sets in a row definition
Update a set of dimension values
Copy a dimension set
Column detail row name
Create a column definition
Delete a column from a column definition
Book code/attribute category
Code/attribute category
Period the period
Periods covered
Apply an attribute filter for an fd column in a report
Apply a dimension filter fora column in a report
Specify the currency in a multiple currency report
Currency source
Functional currency from company information
Operators in calculation columns
Specify report cells in a column calculation
Multiply or divide in a column calculation
Column restrictions in a column definition
Add a column restriction in a column definition
Sd suppresses details and shows only tot
Restrict column to reporting unit in column definition
Enter a starting and ending date
Reporting tree definition columns
Reporting unit structure
Reporting units from dimensions
Include/character position
Reporting unit
Add additional text to a reporting unit
Identify the management reporter report in a reporting tree
Output and distribution
Create a report definition
Footers, and settings
Select company name or code in report definition
Select report detail level in report definition
Detail level
Specify a provisional code
Period and date options
Option description
Default base period options
Select report building blocks
Note this is required only when you are using multiple links to fd
Dimension hierarchy
Specify rounding options in a report definition
Change the level of rounding used in your report
Accounts u.s.
Specify calculation priority in a report definition
Adjust the processing order in a report definition
Apply rounding
Specify reporting units
Display digit separators
Extra lines between rows
Apply a font style
Format row text
Change the width of a column in view pane
Column header dialog box options
Spread from and spread to
Fiscal year (@fiscalyear)
Blank line (@blank)
Create a conditional spanning header
Field phyllis enters
Add special formatting options
Column width
Balance column of the row definition. note
Add print control codes to a report column
Add header and footer text
Insert an image into a header or footer
Modify a header or footer image
Change page setup options
Shrink to page width
Account & transaction detail in report definitions
Display underscore before totals
Include detail for non-printing rows
Account and transaction detail options
Additional options for report settings
Include missing unit warning
Other reporting tree options
Disable unit security
Advanced formatting options
Advanced cell placement
C=c.100, f=d.100
Restrict a row to a reporting unit
Regular print control codes
Conditional print control codes
Operators in a calculation formula
This calculation
If then else
Then and else formulas
If a >0 then b.200
If @unit(sales) then @100 else 0
If @unit(sales) or @unit(saleswest) then 5 else @100
Copy reporting unit identifier (h-code)
If/then/else statements in a column definition
Generate to a single location in the report library
Generate to multiple locations in the report library
Headers and footers
Excel format. option
Description include bookmarks
Create a report schedule
Save as dialog box. click ok
Run missing account analysis
Keyboard shortcuts for missing account analysis
See also report viewing optionsgenerate reportsnote
Reporting unit security
Rename aversion of a report
Create a folder in the report library
See also organize reports note
Move a folder or report in the report library
Rename a report or folder in the report library
Create a report group
Modify a report group
Delete function works with each item report
Link reports to microsoft excel
Using a combined worksheet link
Linking to management reporter reports
Prepare a link column in a row definition
Data type description
External worksheet
Reporter worksheet path
Delete a link column from a row definition
Column period offset (cpo)
Row code description
Row period offset (/rpo)
Using multiple wks columns
Identify the excel link in a reporting tree
Import and maintain xbrl taxonomies
Import a taxonomy
Update a taxonomy
Add or modify an xbrl entity
Enter company and other descriptive information
Delete an xbrl entity
New. to modify a unit, click modify
Specify xbrl currency and dimension in column definitions
View a specific version of a report
Change page setup
Insert external files into report library
Export a report to microsoft excel
Financial report
Export a report to an xbrl instance document
Export a report to an xps document
Show legend – show or hide the chart legend. chart type
Chart type description
Add a comment to a report
Hide a comment in a report
Use drill to dynamics
See also desktop viewernote
Settings view information about management reporter. see also

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