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Warning! Read Safety Information on page 3 bef

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Warning! Read Safety Information on page 3 before servicing the MAC Aura XB.
Warning! Disconnect the fixture from AC mains power and allow to cool for at least 10
minutes before handling. Do not view the light output from less than 8.3 meters (27 ft. 3
inches) without shade 4-5 welding goggles. Be prepared for the fixture to light suddenly if
connected to power.
Warning! Refer any service operation not described in this user manual to a qualified
service technician.
Important! Excessive dust, smoke fluid, and particle buildup degrades performance, causes
overheating and will damage the fixture. Damage caused by inadequate cleaning or maintenance is
not covered by the product warranty.
The user will need to clean the MAC Aura XB periodically, and it is also possible for the user to update the fixture’s software. All other service operations on the MAC Aura XB must be carried out by Martin Professional or its approved service agents.
Installation, on-site service and maintenance can be provided worldwide by the Martin Professional Global Service organization and its approved agents, giving owners access to Martin’s expertise and product knowledge in a partnership that will ensure the highest level of performance throughout the product’s lifetime. Please contact your Martin supplier for details.
It is Martin policy to apply the strictest possible calibration procedures and use the best quality materials available to ensure optimum performance and the longest possible component lifetimes. However, LEDs are subject to wear and tear over the life of the product, resulting in gradual changes in color and overall brightness over many thousands of hours of use. The extent of wear and tear depends heavily on operating conditions and environment, so it is impossible to specify precisely whether and to what extent LED performance will be affected. However, you may eventually need to ask Martin Professional to replace LEDs if their characteristics are affected by wear and tear after an extended period of use and if you require fixtures to perform within very precise optical and color parameters.
The manufacturer’s LED lifetime data is based on performance under the manufacturer’s test conditions. As with all LEDs, the gradual reduction in luminous output will be accelerated when LEDs are used in a fixture, where conditions are much tougher than in manufacturer’s testing. To maximize LED lifetimes, keep the ambient temperature as low as possible and drive the LEDs no harder and for no longer than necessary.
Cleaning schedules for lighting fixtures vary greatly depending on the operating environment. It is therefore impossible to specify precise cleaning intervals for the MAC Aura XB. Environmental factors that may result in a need for frequent cleaning include:
• Use of smoke or fog machines.
• High airflow rates (near air conditioning vents, for example).
• Presence of cigarette smoke.
• Airborne dust (from stage effects, building structures and fittings or the natural environment at outdoor events, for example).
If one or more of these factors is present, inspect fixtures within their first 100 hours of operation to see whether cleaning is necessary. Check again at frequent intervals. This procedure will allow you to assess cleaning requirements in your particular situation. If in doubt, consult your Martin dealer about a suitable maintenance schedule.
Use gentle pressure only when cleaning, and work in a clean, well-lit area. Do not use any product that contains solvents or abrasives, as these can cause surface damage.

Service and maintenance

Mac aura xbuser manual
Warning! risk group 2 led product according to en 62471. do not view the light output with optical
Warning!read the safety precautions in this section before
Control buttons
Using for the first time
Warning! read safety information s
Wire color(eu models)
Tips for reliable data transmission
Connecting the data link
Fastening the fixture to a flat surface
Figure 2: risk of sunlight damage
Suspending the fixture
Quick-mount surface mounting bracket
Figure 3: rigging clamp bolt
Using the control buttons
Personality → display
Beam, aura and fx control
Recommended beam and aura control method
Beam: use channels 1 through beam provides control of all parameters for the main beam and the fx section. aura
Dimmingdimmer curve
Ext and std
Color wheel priority
Ctc (color temperature control)
Calibrated and raw color output
Color mode →extended
Fx: pre-programmed beam and aura effects
Fx sync and random operation
Sync shiftthe sync shift
Fx priority and overriding
Control menu service utilities
Installing software normal method
Display messages
Beam electronic shutter effect
Fixture control settings
Channel dmx
Beam color wheel effect
Aura dimmer0 → 100% intensityfade0channel
Aura color wheel effect
Ext mode only).dmx integer
P/t speedpan and tilt speed normal / fast
Error modenormal
Aura led temp
Pan offsetpan calibrationtilt offset
Beam tmp sen err
Pan fback err
Table 5: display messages
Table 6: troubleshooting
Optics and photometric data
Control and programming
Typical power and current
Accessoriespower cables
Installation hardware
Ordering information
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