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WARNING!Read the safety precautions in this section before

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Read the safety precautions in this section before
installing, powering, operating or servicing this
Safety hazard. Risk of severe injury or death.
Hazardous voltage. Risk of lethal or severe electric shock.
Fire hazard.
Burn hazard. Hot surface. Do not touch.
Powerful light emission. Risk of eye injury.
WARNING! Refer to user manual for important safety information.

MAC Aura XB user manual
• Socket outlets used to supply MAC Aura XB fixtures with power or external power switches must be located near the fixtures and easily accessible so that the fixtures can easily be disconnected from power.
Before using the fixture, check that all power distribution equipment and cables are in perfect condition and rated for the current requirements of all connected devices.
• Isolate the fixture from power immediately if the power plug or any seal, cover, cable, or other component is damaged, defective, deformed, wet or showing signs of overheating. Do not reapply power until repairs have been completed.
• Connect only a cable with a Neutrik PowerCON TRUE NAC3FX-W connector to the power input socket. Connect only a cable with a Neutrik PowerCON TRUE NAC3MX-W connector to the power throughput socket. Suitable connectors are available from Martin™ (see Accessories on page All power input cables used to connect the product to AC power and all power throughput cables used to connect fixtures to each other so that they draw AC power in a chain must be minimum 14 AWG or
1.5 mm, 16 amp-rated and temperature-rated to suit the application. In the USA and Canada, cables must be UL-listed, type SJT or equivalent. In the EU, cables must be type H05VV-F or equivalent. Suitable cables with Neutrik PowerCON connectors are available from Martin™ (see Accessories on page If you use the correct cables and connectors as described above, you can connect fixtures to AC power in a linked chain, MAINS OUT throughput socket to MAINS IN input socket, but do not link more than- three (3) MAC Aura XB fixtures at 100-120 V, 60 Hz or- eight (8) MAC Aura XB fixtures at 200-240 V, 50 Hz.
• Do not connect devices to power in a chain that will exceed the electrical ratings of any cable or connector used in the chain.
• Connect only other MAC Aura XB fixtures to the MAINS OUT power throughput socket. Do not connect any other type of device to this socket.
• The voltage and frequency at the MAINS OUT power throughput socket are the same as the voltage and frequency applied to the MAINS IN socket.
P ROTE CT ION FROM BURNS AND FIRE bDo not operate the fixture if the ambient temperature (Ta) exceeds 40° C (104° F).
• The exterior of the fixture becomes hot during use. After 5 minutes of operation a surface temperature of
67° CF) shall be expected, and the maximum steady state is 70° CF. Avoid contact by persons and materials. Allow the fixture to cool for at least 10 minutes before handling.
• Keep all combustible materials (e.g. fabric, wood, paper) at least 200 mm (8 in) away from the fixture.
• Keep flammable materials (e.g. volatile liquids, pyrotechnics, fuel of any kind) well away from the fixture.
• Ensure that there is free and unobstructed airflow around the fixture.
• Do not illuminate surfaces within 1 m (3 ft. 4 in) of the MAC Aura XB.
• Do not expose the front glass to sunlight or any other strong light source from any angle. Lenses can focus the sun's rays inside the fixture, creating a potential fire hazard. Do not attempt to bypass thermostatic switches or fuses.
• Do not modify the fixture in anyway not described in this manual or the product’s User Guide or install other than genuine Martin™ parts. Do not stick filters, masks or other materials onto any lens or other optical component. Use only accessories approved by Martin™ to mask or modify the light beam.
P ROTE CT ION FROM EYE INJURY bDo not look at LEDs with magnifiers, telescopes, binoculars or similar optical instruments that may concentrate the light output.
• Do not operate the fixture with missing or damaged covers, shields or any optical component.
• To minimize the risk of eye irritation or injury, disconnect the fixture from power at all times when the fixture is not in use, and provide well-lit conditions to reduce the pupil diameter of anyone working on or near the fixture.

P ROTE CT ION FROM INJURY bFasten the fixture securely to a fixed surface or structure when in use. The fixture is not portable when installed.
• When clamping the fixture to a truss or other supporting structure at any other angle than with the yoke hanging vertically downwards, use a half-coupler clamp fastened to the truss chord or similar bar. Do not use G-clamps, quick-trigger clamps or any other type of clamp that does not completely encircle the supporting structure when fastened.
• When suspending the fixture, ensure that the supporting structure and all hardware used can hold at least
10 times the weight of all the devices they support.
• If suspending from a rigging structure, fasten the fixture to a rigging clamp with an M bolt screwed into the threaded hole in the center of the base of the fixture. The bolt must protrude at least 20 - 30 mm
(0.8 - 1.2 ins) into the fixture. If the fixture is suspended by any other method, an M bolt must be tightened into this hole so that it protrudes at least 20 - 30 mm (0.8 - 1.2 ins) into the fixture.
• If the fixture is installed in a location where it may cause injury or damage if it falls, install as described in this manual a secondary attachment such as a safety cable that is approved by an official body such as TV as a safety attachment for the weight that it secures. The safety cable must comply with EN
60598-2-17 Section 17.6.6 and be capable of bearing a static suspended load that is ten times the weight of the fixture and all installed accessories.
• Check that all external covers and rigging hardware are securely fastened.
• Block access below the work area and work from a stable platform whenever installing, servicing or moving the fixture.
• Allow enough clearance around the head to ensure that it cannot collide with an objector another fixture when it moves.


Mac aura xbuser manual
Warning! risk group 2 led product according to en 62471. do not view the light output with optical
Control buttons
Using for the first time
Warning! read safety information s
Wire color(eu models)
Tips for reliable data transmission
Connecting the data link
Fastening the fixture to a flat surface
Figure 2: risk of sunlight damage
Suspending the fixture
Quick-mount surface mounting bracket
Figure 3: rigging clamp bolt
Using the control buttons
Personality → display
Beam, aura and fx control
Recommended beam and aura control method
Beam: use channels 1 through beam provides control of all parameters for the main beam and the fx section. aura
Dimmingdimmer curve
Ext and std
Color wheel priority
Ctc (color temperature control)
Calibrated and raw color output
Color mode →extended
Fx: pre-programmed beam and aura effects
Fx sync and random operation
Sync shiftthe sync shift
Fx priority and overriding
Warning! read safety information on page 3 bef
Control menu service utilities
Installing software normal method
Display messages
Beam electronic shutter effect
Fixture control settings
Channel dmx
Beam color wheel effect
Aura dimmer0 → 100% intensityfade0channel
Aura color wheel effect
Ext mode only).dmx integer
P/t speedpan and tilt speed normal / fast
Error modenormal
Aura led temp
Pan offsetpan calibrationtilt offset
Beam tmp sen err
Pan fback err
Table 5: display messages
Table 6: troubleshooting
Optics and photometric data
Control and programming
Typical power and current
Accessoriespower cables
Installation hardware
Ordering information
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