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Figure 2: Risk of sunlight damage

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Figure 2: Risk of sunlight damage

Physical installation
To clamp a MAC Aura XB to a truss. Check that the rigging structure can support at least 10 times the weight of all fixtures and equipment to be installed on it. Obtain a rigging clamp such as the G-clamp,
Half-coupler clamp or Quick trigger clamp available as accessories from Martin (see Accessories on page 35). An omega bracket is not required. Check that the rigging clamp is undamaged and can bear at least 10 times the weight of the fixture. Fasten the clamp to the fixture with a minimum grade 8.8 steel M bolt in the threaded hole in the center of the base of the fixture. The bolt must protrude 20 - 30 mm (0.8 - 1.2 ins) into the base of the fixture. Block access under the work area. Working from a stable platform, hang the fixture on the truss with the arrow on the base towards the area to be illuminated. Tighten the rigging clamp. Secure the fixture against clamp failure with a secondary attachment such as an approved safety cable that is rated for the weight of the fixture and all attached accessories and hardware using one of the attachment points at the edges of the base (see Fixture overview on page 7). Do not use any other part of the fixture as a safety cable attachment point. Check that the head will not collide with other fixtures or objects.

Mac aura xbuser manual
Warning! risk group 2 led product according to en 62471. do not view the light output with optical
Warning!read the safety precautions in this section before
Control buttons
Using for the first time
Warning! read safety information s
Wire color(eu models)
Tips for reliable data transmission
Connecting the data link
Fastening the fixture to a flat surface
Suspending the fixture
Quick-mount surface mounting bracket
Figure 3: rigging clamp bolt
Using the control buttons
Personality → display
Beam, aura and fx control
Recommended beam and aura control method
Beam: use channels 1 through beam provides control of all parameters for the main beam and the fx section. aura
Dimmingdimmer curve
Ext and std
Color wheel priority
Ctc (color temperature control)
Calibrated and raw color output
Color mode →extended
Fx: pre-programmed beam and aura effects
Fx sync and random operation
Sync shiftthe sync shift
Fx priority and overriding
Warning! read safety information on page 3 bef
Control menu service utilities
Installing software normal method
Display messages
Beam electronic shutter effect
Fixture control settings
Channel dmx
Beam color wheel effect
Aura dimmer0 → 100% intensityfade0channel
Aura color wheel effect
Ext mode only).dmx integer
P/t speedpan and tilt speed normal / fast
Error modenormal
Aura led temp
Pan offsetpan calibrationtilt offset
Beam tmp sen err
Pan fback err
Table 5: display messages
Table 6: troubleshooting
Optics and photometric data
Control and programming
Typical power and current
Accessoriespower cables
Installation hardware
Ordering information
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