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ASHA Module 7
Save Lives

PART A Child Health & Nutrition
1. Infant and Young Child Feeding
7 2. Assessment of Malnutrition
14 3. Update on Immunisation
18 4. Assessing the Sick Child
20 5. Assessing and Classifying Fever
22 6. Management of Diarrhoeal Disease
24 7. Management of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI)
PART B Women’s Reproductive Health
1. Safe Abortion
35 2. Family Planning
38 3. Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs) and
TransmiĴ ed Infections (STIs)
PART C Newborn Health
1. High Risk Assessment and Management of Low Birth
Weight/Pre-Term Babies
49 2. Breastfeeding Low Birth Weight/Pre-Term babies
51 3. Asphyxia Diagnosis and Management
52 4. Neonatal Sepsis Diagnosis and Management

Part d introduction to infectious diseases
Child health
Objectives of the session
Six important messages for preventing child malnutrition
Counselling on malnutrition
Skill in eliciting information
Illness and treatment
Given below are examples of understanding that asha formed
Skill of counselling
How you should not give advice
Looking for anaemia in children
Seven messages
Identifying visible severe wasting
Determine grade of malnutrition
Decide where the point is in relation to the curves:
National immunisation schedule
Role of asha in immunisation
What are the questions to be asked when seeing a sick child?
Step 2: ask : does the child vomit everything?
Step 5: ensure that the child is referred to a phc/chc immediately.
Ask: does the child have fever
Objectives of the session
Prevention of diarrhoea
Step 1: identifying the nature of diarrhoea
Step 2: assess every child with diarrhoea for dehydration.
Step 3: how to classify diarrhoea
Plan a if the child has diarrhoea but no dehydration
How much ors to give
Need for referral:you should counsel the mother to call you immediately
Where is ors available part of drug kit, available in the sub-centre; phc.
Treating with cotrimoxazole
Step 1: identifying the signs of ari
Count the breaths in one minute.
Skills checklist counting respirations
Women’s reproductive
A woman seeks abortion because:
If you are helping someone decide about an abortion
Post-abortion care
Types of family planning methods and information on side-effects
Side-effects of pills
Emergency contraceptive pills
The intrauterine contraceptive device (iucd, copper-t, the loop)
Who should not use an iucd?
What to watch for:
Sterilisation (the operation when the couple wants nob bmore children)
Village level ashas and vhnds
Sexually transmitted infections (stis)
Why are stis serious problem for women
Tasks for asha to be involved in are:
Where to get treatment for rti/sti
For cure of stis, medicines are necessary, but for relief you could
Guidelines for asha on identifying a high risk baby
Guidance that you should give to the family
Advantages of breast milk for lbw and preterm babies
How much to give?
Consequences of asphyxia
Asphyxia action tree
How common is sepsis and how serious?
Management of sepsis
How does it spread?:
Who is at higher risk?
Treating malaria
Prevention of malaria
Ways of controlling malaria
Do not allow mosquitoes to bite
How does tb spread?
Treatment and management of tb
Your role in the treatment phase
Precautions for anti-tb treatment among pregnant women
B. examination of mother
C. examination of baby
D. sepsis diagnosis
If treated by asha, fill the sepsis management form.
Supervisor’s note:
Annexe 3: skill checklist using bag and mask
Annexe 4: technique of preparation of blood smear
Annexe 5: technique for performing rapid diagnostic test
Materials in the rapid diagnostic test kit
Age-specific drug schedules

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