Key benefits • Post and park journal entries

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Key benefits
• Post and park journal entries to SAP from Microsoft Excel
• Automatically split large journals before post or park actions
• Specialized post and park features for:
• Multiple company
• Foreign currency
• Accrual/Deferrals
• Validate journal entries against
SAP and user-defined validations, even before posting or parking
• Pre-built and customizable
Excel templates to use without programming, recording or mapping
Watch a demo, download white papers, find case studies, and more:
Companies that use SAP to run and manage their accounting functions require broad support for various processes and procedures.
SAP can add complexity to the related data though demanding data entry screens and configuration. During periodic processing many
General Ledger processes and procedures have redundant data processing activities. Winshuttle for Journal Entry helps to address some of those redundant actions. For example, transcription and copying and pasting of entries from non-SAP sources like Microsoft
Excel® into SAP screens can be reduced or completely eliminated.
Removing redundant activities helps to close out GL, AP and AR post and park activities thereby reducing operational costs and potential period closing delays
Simplify the Journal Entry process for SAP® with
Winshuttle Journal Entry
Create manual journals in SAP without recording transactions

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Founded in 2003, Winshuttle is a global company with sales and support offices worldwide. For more information about Winshuttle solutions or to contact a representative near you, please visit
Winshuttle, LLC. All rights reserved. 5/14
Windows XP/2000 or higher
• .NET 3.5 sp1 framework
• Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
• Microsoft Office 2007 or later
• SAP 4.6C or higher
• RFC Authorizations
• SAP GUI 460 or higher
• Real-time online or offline data validation
• Real-time Excel to SAP journal post or park
• 21 out-of-the-box templates
• Document attachment
• Auto Balanced document checking
• 14 Different manual journal posting codes, including FB50, FB01, F-02,
FB60, FB65, FB70, FB75, FV50,
FV60, FV65, FV70, FV75, FB01 and FBS1 as well as BAPI_ACC_
Eliminate data re-entry and post ledger and journal data more efficiently
Winshuttle eliminates the need for time-consuming data re-entry by enabling users to create
SAP journal entry processes with Excel templates that do not require programming but can interface directly with SAP systems. Through this method, users can post and park GL, AP and
AR journal entries. Additionally, companies can also post accruals and deferrals for reversing postings at a future date.
For additional information, please visit

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