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(page RECORDING WHILE CHARGING Using the USB-C cable that came with your camera, you can capture video and photos while the camera is plugged into a USB charging adapter, the
GoPro Supercharger, another GoPro charger, or the GoPro Portable Power Pack. Although the battery does not charge during recording, you can use one of the above methods to power the camera and obtain extended recording time. When you stop recording, charging resumes. (You cannot record while charging the camera through a computer.)
Note: Because the side door is open, the camera is not waterproof during charging.
WARNING: Using a wall charger other than a GoPro charging device can damage the GoPro camera battery and could result in fire or leakage. With the exception of the GoPro Supercharger (sold separately, only use chargers marked Output VA. If you do not know the voltage and current of your charger, use the included USB cable to charge the camera from your computer. BATTERY INFORMATION
BATTERY STORAGE AND HANDLING The camera contains sensitive components, including the battery. Avoid exposing your camera to very cold or very hot temperatures. Low or high temperature conditions may temporarily shorten the battery life or cause the camera to temporarily stop working properly. Avoid dramatic changes in temperature or humidity when using the camera, as condensation may form on or within the camera.
Do not dry the camera or battery with an external heat source such as a microwave oven or hairdryer. Damage to the camera or battery caused by contact with liquid inside the camera is not covered under the warranty.
Do not store your battery with metal objects, such as coins, keys or necklaces. If the battery terminals come in contact with metal objects, this may cause a fire.
Do not make any unauthorized alterations to the camera. Doing so may compromise safety, regulatory compliance, performance, and may void the warranty.
WARNING: Do not drop, disassemble, open, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred, microwave, incinerate or paint the camera or battery. Do not insert foreign objects into the battery opening on the camera. Do not use the camera or the battery if it has been damaged—for example, if cracked, punctured or harmed by water. Disassembling or puncturing the battery can cause an explosion or fire.
BATTERY DISPOSAL Most rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are classified as nonhazardous waste and are safe for disposal in the normal municipal waste stream. Many localities have laws in place requiring battery recycling. Check your local laws to make sure that you can dispose of rechargeable batteries in your regular trash. To safely dispose of lithium-ion batteries, protect terminals

from exposure to other metal with packing, masking or electrical tape so they do not cause afire while being transported.
Lithium-ion batteries, however, do contain recyclable materials and are accepted for recycling by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s
(RBRC) Battery Recycling Program. We encourage you to visit Call2Recycle at or call BATTERY in North America to find a convenient recycling location.
Never dispose of a battery in afire because it may explode.
WARNING: Only use manufacturer-recommended replacement batteries for your camera.
Make sure your GoPro is charged. To charge your camera, use the included
USB-C cable and a computer. You can also use GoPro's Supercharger or
USB-compatible Wall Charger or Auto Charger (all sold separately) or any charging device marked with output VA. (Superchargers output is V AMY GOPRO WON'T RESPOND WHEN I PRESS A BUTTON See
Restarting Your GoPro
(page PLAYBACK ON MY COMPUTER IS CHOPPY Choppy playback is typically not a problem with the file. If your footage skips, one of these situations is likely the cause:
• Using an incompatible video player. Not all video players support the H codec. For best results, download the latest version of
Quik for desktop for free at
• The computer does not meet the minimum requirements for HD playback. The higher the resolution and frame rate of your video, the harder the computer has to work to play it back. Make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements for the playback software If your computer does not meet the minimum requirements, record at p with Protune off, and make sure that all other programs on your computer are closed. If that resolution does not improve the playback, try 720p30.
I FORGOT MY CAMERA’S USERNAME OR PASSWORD Swipe down, then tap Connect > Name & Password.

92 93
I DON’T KNOW WHAT SOFTWARE VERSION I HAVE From the main screen, swipe down. Then tap Preferences > About This
GoPro. The Version Number displays the software version that you are running.
I CAN’T FIND MY CAMERA’S SERIAL NUMBER The camera’s serial number is listed in several places:
• In Preferences > About This GoPro
• On the inside of the battery bay (remove the battery to see it)
• On your camera’s microSD card (in the version.txt file in the
MSC folder) For more answers to commonly asked questions, see
To seethe complete list of country certifications, refer to the Important Product + Safety Instructions included with your camera or visit
GoPro, HERO, Protune, and SuperView are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc. in the US. and internationally. Other names and marks are the property of their respective owners.
GoPro is dedicated to providing the best possible service. To reach GoPro Customer Support, visit
130-18416-000 REVC

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