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iX Developer
Reference Manual
MAEN831P, 2016-09

Reference manual for iX Developer
The iX Developer software is used to configure iX panels and PC operated control applications, including applications for IPCs (Industrial PCs).
The iX Developer makes it easy to create logical, flexible and effective HMI
applications that provide the right information on the right occasion to operators and to other systems.
This manual describes the configuration software in detail.
Please seethe iX Developer User’s Guide (MAEN832x) for function-based descriptions.
The manual assumes that the most recent versions of the system program (image)
and iX Developer are used.
For specific details of a connected controller refer to the help file for the controller driver. The function of a project application in an operator panel is not affected by the choice of controller.
The information in this manual is also available by pressing F while using iX
The present revision of this manual is valid for version 2.20 SP of iX Developer.
Order no MAEN831P
Copyright © 2016-09 Beijer Electronics AB. All rights reserved.
The information in this document is subject to change without notice and is provided as available at the time of printing. Beijer Electronics AB reserves the right to change any information without updating this publication. Beijer Electronics AB assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document.
All examples in this document are only intended to improve understanding of the functionality and handling of the equipment. Beijer Electronics AB cannot assume any liability if these examples are used in real applications.
In view of the wide range of applications for this software, users must acquire sufficient knowledge themselves in order to ensure that it is correctly used in their specific application. Persons responsible for the application and the equipment must themselves ensure that each application is in compliance with all relevant requirements, standards, and legislation in respect to configuration and safety. Beijer Electronics AB will accept no liability for any damage incurred during the installation or use of equipment mentioned in this document. Beijer Electronics AB prohibits all modification, changes, or conversion of the equipment.

Beijer electronics, maen831p
Related information
Getting started
File structure
Tempthe temp
Importing the a2i file
Communication design
Driver xanalog signals
X2 pro / x2marine / x2
Database error message
Database error active
Settings group on the project
Optionsclicking the options
Tags editor options
Screen editor options
Exitclicking the exit
Screen view in desktop area
Show/hide panel frame
Desktop view modes
Note:the valueoff
Referenced assemblies
Show selection/show all
Background and foreground screen
Screen template
Screen caching
Scripts in cached screens
Gridthere are different methods to align objects in screens snap objects to other
Snap objects to grid
Copy and move
Hiding and locking objects
Link settingdescription
Loggers, script modules
Screensthe screens
Alarm distributor
Project pictures
Component library window
Exporting and importing components
Searchthe search
Xaml import into ix developer
Advanced – xaml bindings in ix developer
Copy properties
Data exchange
System taggroup
Data typedescription
Motor 1motor 2
Definitionan expression is a one line return statement in c. the default expression code is“value”.4.11.2
Example:do not use
Saving the import configuration
Creating aliases
Data typetag id
Opc ua client
Namespace separator character
Authentication script
Tag valuedescription
Parameters:148beijer electronics, maen831p
Tag classix.tag
Tag properties:
Rest apitags resource
Tagbatch resource example
Touch settings group
Adding a new action
Note:the “limit characters to
Auto stretch font
Settings group
Animated label object
Animated label dynamics
Configure multi pictures
Picture alignment group
Text groupparameter
Region settings group
Tag/security group
Style groupparameter
Value scale group
Visibility group
Tag monitor object
Text alignment group
Browse folders group
Scripting to the media player object
Web browser limitations
Item settings group
Text groupclick configure texts
Windows ce target
Adding controls to the ix developer
Wpf custom controls
Creating a wpf user control with
C:\users\public\documents\beijer electronics ab\ix developer\thirdparty\
Note:modification to an object using the other colors
Background screen
Object variations
Font and font size
Make same size
Shape effects
Run groupthe run group enables validation, rebuilding, simulation and debugging of the project.build
Transfer group
Collecting a database from an operator panel
Exporting a project to an operator panel or a pc with
Control service
Project group
Database max size exceeded
Region and language
Serial ports group
Tag properties mapping
Ethernet printer connection
Recommendedprinter model
Layout groupmove
Show y2-axis grid
Outline thickness
Function key action triggers
Focus action triggers
Off: returns to showing real time trend viewer data.toggle
Database export
Maximizing the lifetime of the
Present the database data in the report
Saving recipes
Editing recipes offline
Example1. click recipe
Recipe export from a pc target
Recipe import to a pc target
Alarm server events and actions
Alarm event info requested
Any acknowledged
Alarm condition
Remote alarm server limitations
Remote alarm server properties
Remote alarm client
Alarm distribution roles
Settings button/alarm
Printer device
Alarm distribution
Note:some of the color effects require that vista style
Note:the alarm filter
Note:after logging out, the function show previous screen
Adding languages
Cancelcloses the popup list. no changes are made.when an object is connected to ab text id
Note:the start value
Library texts
Database export from pc
Service menu options
Copy projectselecting copy project
Touch calibrate
Transfer procedure using a usb flash drive
Transfer procedure using the ethernet connection
Transfer procedure in x panels
Transfer procedure using the recovery sd card

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