Iq force™ Gas Detector Reference Manual

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Span Calibration
4.3 Span Calibration
Once the fresh air/zero calibration has been successfully completed, the IQ Force will automatically proceed to the automatic span calibration countdown screen. Press the MODE button before the countdown is complete to initiate the span calibration. The screen will immediately show APPLY GAS and then list the sensors for calibration and the expected levels of calibration gas.
Honeywell Analytics recommends the use of multi-
component calibration gas for calibrating the IQ Force.
Apply calibration gas as shown above in Figure 1
. The readout will change to a numerical display almost immediately and will continue to display the current readings.
The actual calibration of the oxygen sensor to 20.9% occurs during the fresh air calibration, but the oxygen sensor is tested for response to diminished oxygen levels during span calibration. Honeywell Analytics calibration gas cylinders typically contain approximately 18.0% oxygen. In order to pass the span calibration, the instrument must register an oxygen reading below
18.7% during span calibration. See Section 4.3.2
below if the oxygen sensor does not detect the drop in oxygen level and fails the span calibration.
The calibration is fully automatic from this point on. Upon successful

IQ Force™ Gas Detector Reference Manual

Iq force™ gas detector
Contacting honeywell analytics
Technical services
Appendix a toxic gas measurement – warning, danger, stel,
Appendix d toxic sensor cross-sensitivity .............................. 52
Operating temperature
Multi-sensor capability
Table 2. alarm logic
Iq force portable gas detectors have been designed for the
In the event of an lel over-range alarm, the iq force must be
A sensor that cannot be calibrated or is found to be out of toler-
Do not use the pump for prolonged periods in an atmosphere
Case: the instrument is enclosed in a solid pc (polycarbonate) case with tpe (rubber) overmold.2. front face:
On/off mode button:
Battery charger connector:
Turning the iq force on
Notethe bump test interval and bump test due reminder are
Notesample probe assembly and tubing must be attached when
Always verify that all sensors present in the instrument are
Turning the iq force off
The iq force is designed to detect potentially life threatening
The iq force must be located in a nonhazardous location during
A combustible sensor over-range alarm indicates a potentially
Pc connection via infrared port
Error messages
Manual sample-draw kit
Motorized sample-draw pump
The canadian standards association (csa) requires the lel
Calibration/accuracy verification
Figure 1. bump test/span calibration setup
Fresh air/zero calibration
Possible causes and solutions
Fresh air/zero calibrations may only be performed in an
Span calibration
Noteonce the calibration cycle is completed, the iq force will
Possible causes of span calibration failure and remedies:
A sensor that cannot be calibrated or is found to be out of
Noteto enable the h
Notehoneywell analytics recommends regular verification of
Notethe bump test interval and bump test reminder are used
Toxic gas measurement – warning, danger, stel, and twa alarms
A.2 time weighted average (twa)
Appendix b calibration frequency rec-
Verification of accuracy & related terminology
Lengthening the intervals between calibration checks or bump tests
One button automatic full calibration and calibration docks
Iq force sensor information

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