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Thank you for purchasing this modern, advanced microprocessor-based
AURATON 2030 / AURATON 2030 RTH temperature regulator
8 independently settable temperatures for day and nighttime
The AURATON 2030 and AURATON 2030 RTH temperature regulators allow for setting up to eight independent temperatures for day and nighttime with the resolution of one minute. The user can select time ranges for various temperatures depending on his or her requirements.
Operation under loads up to 16 Ab b The AURATON RTH receiver is equipped with a relay capable of operating with the load up to 16 A. Its low-sparking technique of switching mains voltage contributes to the low wear of relay contacts.
Calibration of temperature indications (offset) – Allows for correcting temperature measurements within the range of Cb Interference-free communication between devices

The transmitter and the receiver of the AURATON 2030 RTH set communicate using the frequency of 868 MHz. Very short, encrypted data transmission packets (approx. 0.004 s) ensure very efficient and interference-free operation of the device.

Optional elements of the system
Note: in order to preserve the parameters programmed, duration of the
Description of the auraton 2030
The led light’s green
Legend - description of led signalling
Selecting the proper location for the
Fastening the temperature regulator to the wall
Note:the rth receiver cannot be placed in metal containers
Pairing the auraton 2030 rth wireless
Note: the auraton 2030 rth
Starting-up the regulator for the first time
Reset - deregistering all devices paired
Programming factory programs
Deleting a program:
Programming the manual , vacation
Switching off the receiver fora period of time
Viewing the currently active program
Configuration settings:
Pwm operation mode
A) the manual setpoint
Auraton 2030 rth
Cooperation with the auraton 2030 rth regulator and/or
D) the signal is lost
Note: all user-defined programs will be erased!
B) the window is pivoted
Unique features of auraton 2030 rth
Switching off display backlight
The auraton 2030 regulator connection
Technical specifications

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