Installing child safety seats

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February 2013

Third Printing

Owner’s Manual


Litho in U.S.A.
’s Manual
ENERGI Owner’s Manual

Child Safety
Child seats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Child seat positioning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Booster seats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Installing child safety seats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Child safety locks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
Safety Belts
Fastening the safety belts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Safety belt height adjustment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Safety belt warning light and indicator chime . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Safety belt-minder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Child restraint and safety belt maintenance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42

Personal safety system
Keys and remote control
Table of contents
Instrument cluster
Unique driving characteristics
Cruise control
Driving hints
Customer assistance
Wheels and tires
Protecting the environment
Introduction2013 c-max full hybrid
Event data recording
Perchlorate material
Introduction152013 c-max full hybrid
Introduction172013 c-max full hybrid
Recommendations for safety restraints for children
Child safety192013 c-max full hybrid
Child safety2013 c-max full hybrid
Child safety232013 c-max full hybrid
Child safety252013 c-max full hybrid
Child safety272013 c-max full hybrid
Using lower anchors and tethers for children (latch)
Child safety292013 c-max full hybrid
Combining safety belt and latch lower anchors for attaching
Child safety312013 c-max full hybrid
Principles of operation
Safety belts332013 c-max full hybrid
Safety belts2013 c-max full hybrid
Safety belts352013 c-max full hybrid
Safety belt locking modes
Automatic locking mode
Safety belts372013 c-max full hybrid
Safety belt height adjustment
Safety belt-minder®
Safety belts392013 c-max full hybrid
Safety belts412013 c-max full hybrid
How does the personal safety system work?
Supplementary restraints system
Sos post-crash alert system™
Children and airbags
Pass airbagoff
Occupantpass airbag off
Side airbagswarning:
Remote control
Mechanical key blade
Replacing the battery
Sounding a panic alarm (if equipped)
Replacing a lost key or remote control
Note: switch the ignition onto use the system.note:
Standard settings
Creating a mykey
Clearing all mykeys
Mykey2013 c-max full hybrid
Vehicles equipped with traditional keys
Vehicles equipped with intelligent access key (push-button start)
Mykey troubleshooting
Mykey712013 c-max full hybrid
Locks2013 c-max full hybrid
Locking the doors
Activating intelligent access (if equipped)
Locks752013 c-max full hybrid
Accessory mode battery saver for intelligent access keys
Manual liftgate
To open the liftgate:
Note: the doors must be unlocked to operate the power liftgate.note:
To open or close from the instrument panel
To open with the outside liftgate
Locks812013 c-max full hybrid
Automatic arming
Security832013 c-max full hybrid
Security2013 c-max full hybrid
Arming the alarm
Steering wheel
Intermittent wipe
Wipers and washers
A bwipers and washers
Instrument lighting dimmer
Daytime running lamps (if equipped)
Lighting952013 c-max full hybrid
Global opening
Windows and mirrors
Accessory delay (if equipped)
Sun visorsilluminated visor vanity mirror
Opening and closing the sun shade
Anti-lock braking system
Fasten safety belt
Low tire pressure warning
Keyless warning alert (if equipped)
Information display controls
Information displays
Cd and cd player information
Audio system1372013 c-max full hybrid
Menu structure
Owners guide gf, rd printing, january 2013
Unlock all stations
Cd settingsscan all
Note: the cd slot is directly above the touchscreen.note:
Audio system2013 c-max full hybrid
Audio system1452013 c-max full hybrid
Usb port (if equipped)
Line inline in
Sirius satellite radio service
Audio system1492013 c-max full hybrid
Single zone (driver temperature control)
Switching back to single zone
Automatic climate control
Climate control
Maximum cooling performance in instrument panel or instrument
Cabin air filter
Heated and cooled devices
Seats1572013 c-max full hybrid
Front seat head restraints
Seats1592013 c-max full hybrid
Seats2013 c-max full hybrid
Lumbar adjustment
Rear seat armrest (if equipped)
Seats1652013 c-max full hybrid
Universal garage door opener (if equipped)
Erasing the function button codes
Clearing a homelink device
Auxiliary power points
Starting and stopping the engine
Iii (start cranks the engine.keyless starting (if equipped)
Vehicles with an ignition key
Failure to start
Guarding against exhaust fumes
Using the engine block heater
Ev modes (c-max energi only)
Enabled due to defrost
Evunique driving characteristics
Reverse: in position r
Driving to optimize fuel economy
Frequently asked questions
Fuel and refueling
Fuel qualitynote:
Fuel freshness mode (energi vehicles only)
Using the easy fuel™ capless fuel system (except c-max energi)
Running out of fuel
Emission control system
Charging the high-voltage battery (c-max energi only)
High voltage battery
Charge port and light ring
R (reverse)with the gearshift lever in r
Transmission2152013 c-max full hybrid
If your vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow
Using hill start assist
Transmission2172013 c-max full hybrid
Brake over accelerator
Brakes2013 c-max full hybrid
Hints on driving with anti-lock brakes
Traction control
Stability control
Parking aids2013 c-max full hybrid
Aparking aids
A226parking aids
Parking aids2272013 c-max full hybrid
Parking aids2292013 c-max full hybrid
Troubleshooting the system
Rear view camera system (if equipped)
Using the rear view camera system
Adjusting the rear view camera settings (if equipped)
Manual zoomwarning:
Rear camera delay
Switching cruise control on
Resuming the set speed
Driving aids2013 c-max full hybrid
Load carrying
Base curb weight
Never exceed xxx kg or xxx lb
Towing2013 c-max full hybrid
Recreational towing
N and the ignition in the accessory position.towing
Vehicle information and general safety practices:
Roadside emergencies
Vehicles sold in canada getting roadside assistance
Hazard warning flashers
Jump starting the vehicle
You can get more information by calling bbb auto line at
Getting assistance outside the us. and canada
If your vehicle must be serviced while you are traveling or living
Obtaining a french owner’s manual
Reporting safety defects (canada only)
Standard fuse amperage rating and color
Fuses2013 c-max full hybrid
Opening and closing the hood
Maintenance2832013 c-max full hybrid
Oil maintenance mode (if equipped)
Maintenance2852013 c-max full hybrid
Checking the inverter system controller coolant
Adding coolant
Warning: do not add coolant further than the max mark.note:
Adding engine coolant
Maintenance2013 c-max full hybrid
Recycled engine coolant
Maintenance2892013 c-max full hybrid
What you should know about fail-safe cooling
Automatic transmission fluid check
Maintenance2912013 c-max full hybrid
Maintenance2932013 c-max full hybrid
Checking the wiper blades
Adjusting the headlamps
Maintenance3012013 c-max full hybrid
Replacing the high beam
Replacing the reverse lamp and tail lamp bulbs:
Replacing the center high mounted brake lamp bulbs:
Functiontrade number
Cleaning the exterior
Vehicle care2013 c-max full hybrid
Cleaning plastic exterior parts
Vehicle care3112013 c-max full hybrid
Cleaning the interior
Cleaning the instrument panel and instrument
Cleaning leather seats (if equipped)
Vehicle care3152013 c-max full hybrid
Vehicle care3172013 c-max full hybrid
Vehicle care3192013 c-max full hybrid
U.s. department of transportation-tire quality grades
Temperature abc bbwarning:
Glossary of tire terminology
Letter rating
At: all terrain, oras:
Additional information contained on the tire sidewall for lt type
Location of the tire label
U.s. dot tire identification number
Safety practices
Tire rotation
Tire pressure monitoring system
Changing tires with a tire pressure monitoring system
When you believe your system is not operating properly
First stage reinflating the tire with sealing compound and air
Second stage checking tire pressure
Accessories2013 c-max full hybrid
Rental car reimbursement
Avoid the rising cost of vehicle maintenance
Ford extended service plan
Service plans (canada only)
Why maintain your vehicle at your dealership?
Scheduled maintenance
C-max energi plugin hybrid
Additives and chemicals
Engine air filter & cabin air filter replacement
Sync owner account
Sync®2013 c-max full hybrid
Sync®3832013 c-max full hybrid
System interaction and feedback
Sync®3852013 c-max full hybrid
Using sync with your phone
Pairing subsequent phones
Sync®3872013 c-max full hybrid
Sync®3892013 c-max full hybrid
Phone options during an active call
Returnexit the current menu.sync®
Text messaging
Pre-defined text message options
Message notification
Note: downloading times are phone- and quantity-dependent.note:
Bluetooth devices menu options
If you select:
Factory defaults
Install application
Sync®4012013 c-max full hybrid
Sync®4032013 c-max full hybrid
Sync®4052013 c-max full hybrid
Connecting to sync services using the phone menu
Sync®4072013 c-max full hybrid
Sync applink™
Sync®4092013 c-max full hybrid
To access using the media menu
To access using voice commands
Connecting your digital media player via the usb port
Sync®4112013 c-max full hybrid
Sync®4152013 c-max full hybrid
Repeat: press ok to repeat any song.autoplay
When you select:
Sync®4172013 c-max full hybrid
Returnexit the current menu.system settings
Add bluetooth
Delete all devices
Phone issuesissue
Sync®4232013 c-max full hybrid
Sync®4252013 c-max full hybrid
Sync®4272013 c-max full hybrid
Myford touch (if equipped)
Cleaning the touchscreen display
Speed-restricted features
A436myford touch (if equipped)
How to use voice commands with your system
Voice settings using voice commands
Am and fmtouch the am
Optionssound settings
Enter when you are done.myford touch (if equipped)
Multicast indicator
Potential reception issues
Station blending
Potential station issues
Artist/title/team alerts
Electronic serial number (esn)
Satellite radio electronic serial number (esn):
Station overload
Cd voice commands
A/v inputswarning:
Pairing your phone for the first time
Note: put the transmission in position p.
Pre-defined text message options
Note: if you select view
Text message notification
Manage phonebook
Temperature is the chosen cabin conditioning setting for this my gotime.go time
Edit accesses your my go time schedule
Estimated charge time limits
End is the estimated end time of charging.• charge now duration
Customer defined value charge profiles
Charging hv battery
Sync services (if equipped, us. only)
Route summary turn list
Sync services quick tips
Sync services voice commands
Traffic on route and traffic nearby
Sports headlines, sports schedules and sports scores voice
Setting 911 assist on
Now if you want your report.rear view camera
Media candidate
Bluetooth devices
Text messagenotification
Gateway (access point) mode
Bluetooth settings
System information
Voice command list
Additional climate control voice commands
Dest > map.
Start route.• fastest route
Start route button, the system defaults to the fastest route
North up (d map)
Poi (point of interest) icons
Quick-touch buttons
Navigation map updates
If you do not agree to this end user license
Appendices2013 c-max full hybrid
Derivative works
Appendices5252013 c-max full hybrid
Upgrades and recovery media
Export restrictions
Product support
Microsoft® windows mobile for automotive important safety
Appendices5292013 c-max full hybrid
Voice command control
Use of speech recognition functions
Distraction hazard
Potential map inaccuracy
Appendices5312013 c-max full hybrid
Appendices5332013 c-max full hybrid
Appendices5352013 c-max full hybrid
End user terms
Appendices5372013 c-max full hybrid
License limitations on transfer
Additional license limitations
Entire agreement
Appendices5392013 c-max full hybrid
Appendices5412013 c-max full hybrid
Appendices5432013 c-max full hybrid
Index2013 c-max full hybrid
Index5452013 c-max full hybrid
Index5472013 c-max full hybrid
Qquick touch buttons .................521r
Index5492013 c-max full hybrid

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