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Haltech IQ Street Dash Guide
Thank you for purchasing a Haltech IQ Street dash. This guide provides information on the installation and basic use of your dash. Your dash is preconfigured by Haltech with some default values which you can customize at anytime. For information on advanced dash functions, please seethe documentation located on the USB stick included with your dash.
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Installation & Wiring
Your Haltech IQ Street dash is compatible with many aftermarket and factory engine management systems on the market. The dash is preconfigured to work with a modern Haltech ECU such as the Elite Series and Platinum Series, and as such this guide is based around the installation process specifically for Haltech ECUs. For installation and configuration instructions for other supported ECUs, please contact the relevant
ECU manufacturer. Adaptor cables are listed on the final page of this document.

For installation and configuration as a standalone dash with no ECU connectivity, please seethe complete IQ3S User Manual found on the included USB stick.
The rear of your IQ dash has 3 main connections. At a minimum, you are required to wire Switched v, Ground, and CAN High/Low (if connecting to an ECU) in order for it to operate correctly. Port A is for expansion using Racepak VNET modules and sensors. Port B is the main 34 pin connector for power, inputs and outputs, and CAN communication. Port C is the Mini-USB programming port. An appropriate cable is available from Haltech to make the CAN connection to your Haltech ECU Plug’n’Play. For installations with a CAN Hub or connecting directly to a Platinum ECU – HT060200 DTM2 to pin TYCO For connecting directly to an Elite ECU with no CAN Hub – HT060201 DTM2 to DTM4 For other manufacturer CAN cables, please seethe final page of this document.

Gnd can high
Dash programming
Choosing your efi can mode
Selecting data channels
Configuring dash layout

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