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StrongArm (HTG 320) Barrier Arm Gate
Operator – Quick Start Instructions
These instructions are provided as a quick reference guide to the experienced installer that is already familiar with all safety precautions and the installation of this gate operator. Do not attempt to install from this guide if you are inexperienced with this product.
1. Using four 1/2‖ x 4 1/2‖ anchor bolts mount the operator to a concrete slab which reaches below the local frost line. If necessary, use shims to level the base.
2. If installing the DC version of the operator, be careful to mount the battery power supply box very near the control enclosure because of the high current demand by the DC motor. Note: For the DC version, refer to Section 8 of the operator handbook.
3. Connect the electrical power to loose wires from the On/Off switch and a grounding wire to the lower left corner of the electrical panel. Be certain the labeled voltage and phase of the operator matches the available supply.
4. Turn on the power switch. The Smart Touch LCD display should show, after a second delay, the characters [uC_0]. This is a setting for the UL user class that must be made before any function will be possible. Press the Select button, then the Next button and change the 0 to be class 1-4 as appropriate for the site. Press the Select button again to lock the setting.
5. Press the Menu button and the display will jump to the close timer setting Ct. If a close timer function is needed, set in the same manner as above. Press the Menu button again to exit to the Run Mode. The LCD display should now read StoP, CloS or OPEn.
6. If the operator contains more than four counterweights per side, the arm must be mounted before the gate operator can be allowed to function. Otherwise, test for normal operation of the gate.
7. Install the barrier arm and clamp securely. Single arms, up to 18’ maximum can be installed on either the left or right side of the operator. Arms longer than 26’ include anti
-sway cable harnesses that must also be attached.
8. Run the operator and verify normal smooth operation. If the arm stops abruptly at the end of travel, it maybe necessary to adjust either of the open or close brake valves and/or a limit switch setting. There are two brake valves on the pump manifold and the one closest to the motor controls the stopping of the arm in the closing direction. The open direction stop control is with the brake valve just to the left. If adjustment of either brake valve is necessary, loosen the 9/16‖ lock nut and turn the adjuster screw with an Allen wrench. A CCW adjustment will stop the arm more quickly. The limits must beset to trigger about 10 degrees of arc before the arm has reached full travel. If adjustment of the limit switches is necessary, slightly loosen the setscrews on the cams at the top of the operator and set the limits to trip early enough to ensure a smooth stopping arm. For detailed instructions on barrier arm adjustments, review the page titled StrongArm (HTG 320) Adjustments in the handbook.
9. Connect any required accessory device wiring. Note that the various inputs are all one wire only to the main terminal strip while the other wire connects to the Common Buss on the nearby power supply board.
10. To access the User menu in the Smart Touch Controller, simply press the Menu button while there is no active Open or Close input. The display will scroll system values and stop at the Ct close timer setting. There are 12 menu items in the User Menu. To reach the more detailed Installer menu, the system must be in the User Menu first, then simultaneously press Open and Reset. The display will go to
[uC__] which is the first of 32 items in the Installer Menu. Read the instructions before attempting any adjustments

Installation and Maintenance Manual ii

Smart touch controller menu guide for strongarm (htg 320)
Hysecurity gate operators
Ii. installation
Iii. smart touch setup
Iv. entrapment protection
Table of contents, continued
Vi. accessories
Viii. two part operators (battery types)
Strongarm brake valve adjustment procedure. 61
Installers and owners must be certain to thoroughly review and
Today’s date:
Available models and features
Note: this feature is standard on strongarm 36
The smart touch controller (standard)
Dc volt ups operators (optional)
Read this first
Common industry
Keep away attention
Important information for gate system owners & users
Typical system schematic fora barrier gate
Tools required for an efficient installation
Install accessory items
Install warning signs and safety information labels
Strongarm (htg 320) manual operation
Basics of using the smart touch controller system
Installation configuration for smart touch controller for htg
Partial open
Connecting a master / slave pair
Smart touch controller user menu settings for strongarm
Note: the warn before operate buzzer is an accessory item for the htg operator.
Installer menu options
These notes refer to the menu above
User 3 ho 0] momentary open
User 7 fa 0] forced open alert and automatic gate reposition:
User 8 [da 0] drift closed alert and automatic gate reposition:
User 11 [ld 5] lcd contrast set
Installer 5 [fo 0] enable fire dept. open:
Installer 10 lo 0] leaf delay open
Installer 13 pc 0] set pec
Description of functions available in the installer menu
Installer 16 or 1] oold (outside obstruction loop detector) function
Installer 18 cr 0] rld (reset loop detector) function
Installer 20 [cp 0] rld (reset loop detector) function
Installer 22, 23, 24
Installer 29 [old0] factory oold:
Special output from “oold” only when gate is closed:
Value display
Protection device schematic
Gate operator category
Class i: intended for use in a a parking area of one to four single family dwelling. class ii:
Placement and use of secondary pedestrian entrapment sensors
Installing gate edge (contact type) reversing sensor
Supervised connection
Notes about retro-reflective systems
Detector loop installation guide
Rules to follow for security gate applications
Detector loop installation guide, continued
Hysecurity hy-5a vehicle detector installation
Installer menu options default
Standard 11 pin box type vehicle detector installation
Detector & loop fault diagnostics
Changing the loop frequency
Connecting a radio receiver for remote open
Troubleshooting guide, strongarm (htg 320) gate operators
Specific types of problems:
Directional valve
General maintenance
Mechanical maintenance
How to adjust the pressure relief valve
Maintenance schedule
Important special notes regarding
Wiring and control configuration for dc operators
Wire size schedules

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