Guide to Final Cut Pro X

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Beginners Guide to Final Cut Pro X
Nicholas Castelli

Table Of Contents

CH. 1
Introduction to Final Cut Pro X
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In this manual we will be showing you the new look into video editting. Walking you through the new interface and looking at the tools and controls. With this you will soon be able to edit video quickly and effi- ciently.
Why Use Final Cut Pro X
With Final Cut Pro X or FCPX it takes the traditional ways of editting and makes it usable for every- body. It has the features and quality that can take your projects to the next level. FCPX brings an innovative new way at editting. FCPX also allows you to export your projects easily to places such as Youtube, Facebook,
DVD, etc. Wether you’re an expirenced editor or new to the game this manual will help you get up and running with FCPX.
Exploring the Interface.
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CH. 1
Introduction to Final Cut Pro X
2 1.3
#1- Event Library: This section is where you organize all your footage, images, and audio that you are going to use to create your project.
#2- Thumbnails: Shows footage that was placed in the event library in clip format. Allows you to pre view and scrub through footage before placing it in timeline.
#3- Viewer: This is where your clips are shown to preview the look of your project or the selected clip.
#4- Timeline: footage dragged down or placed from the thumbnail section are organized in the timeline to create your project.
Additional Windows
This two icons are located on the very bottom letf of the interface. The first one on the left brings out a popout window that shows you all of your projects. This allows you to change between different proj- ect quickly without opening the interface over again. The second one that looks like a piece of paper is the timeline index. This tool allows you to quickly look up footage that has already been placed in the timeline.
*keyboard shortcut- shift + command + 2 1
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4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 1. Imprt from camera
2. Make clip a favorite
3. Unselect as favorite
4. Mark as bad clip
5. Make keword for clip
6. Attach a clip on top of storyline
7. Insert inbetween clip on storyline
8. Attach clip at end of storyline
9. Shows percentage of background processing
10. Time on storyline where playhead is lo- cated
11. enhancment selection tool - color correc- tion and audio repair
12. Slow down or speed up selected clip
13. Filters
14. Insert image from FCPX inventory
15. Insert music from FCPX inventory
16. Insert transition
17. Titles
18. Sequences
19. Title sequences
20. Information tool
21. Scrubbing tools

Chapter. 1
Introduction to Final Cut Pro X
3 1.5
Prefernces and Settings use the keyboard shortcut “command + ,”.

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