Guide for commissaires in road events

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guide for commissaires
in road events

As long as sport exists, there will be a need for judges and referees or, as is the casein cycling, for commissaires.
Indeed, they will always play a crucial role in our sport, in spite of the marked lack of appreciation they receive. We fail to recognise the difficult conditions in which they are often called upon to act, the heavy responsibilities that they must shoulder, and the exaggerated criticism that they must sometimes accept. In short, in a world which focuses increasingly on professionalism, as is the casein the world of sport, our gratitude towards those who volunteer their services in order to guarantee the successful organisation of events allover the world could never be ample reward for their admirable commitment and effort.
The recruitment and ongoing training of commissaires in cooperation with the National Federations is therefore an indisputable priority among our objectives as an International Federation.
Thanks to recently published documents, for which I must thank those com- missaires who helped to write them, we hope to provide training instructors and the commissaires themselves with a tool that will be of great use to them in their respective roles.
Without a doubt, cycling will always be indebted to their great efforts and skill.
UCI President
The UCI Commissaires Commission has decided to handle the publication of this manual, which has been written by some of the Commissaires and also takes account of the results of the Seminars held over these last years.
A large number of races are held allover the world and we think that it would be particularly interesting for all races to be monitored directly and in a standard manner.
On the other hand, the Commissaires employed in the various Countries,
especially at national and regional level, need to have texts and information allowing them to operate, as far as possible, in the same way wherever they may happen to be based.
With this manual, we hope to be able to contribute to achieving these goals and that the texts presented in this manual will be useful not only to the
Commissaires, but also to anyone involved in cycle racing in any way.
We must thank all those people who have collaborated on the production of the manual and we would like to wish all Commissaires in all categories good luck, and we hope that they will always be able to work in the interests of cycling thus guaranteeing fairness and reliability for all competitions.
Supervisor of the
Commissaires sector

Race management procedures
Individual and team time trials
Participation and entry procedures
Note: it is acceptable to telephone the organiser to obtain this information.
Obtaining information
Handing out body and frame numbers
The technical facilities
The procedures for calling
The antidoping test station.
Paneleven if the rider informs his team manager
Exercising control over the race
The riders will be called to the line
Sporting control procedures
He should be positioned ahead of the front commissaire
A counterattack develops
Race situations
It is the duty of the mc to warn and anticipate
Behind: if the group of dropped riders is small, c3
Mountain climbs:
Likewise, vehicles should not be allowed between two large groups, since they would endanger riders
Behind the bunch
Positioning and movement
During the race
Finish judge’s podium
Solution bsolution c
Detour500 m
Important information
Special points for race management
All kinds of events may occur at anytime vigilance and rapid intervention can restrict the number of
Note: the finish judge alone is responsible for placings at the finish. he must ensure that he views
In the event that penalties are imposed
The rest of the procedure is the same as that set out for road races.
This must include
The organiser is responsible for noting conduct outside the premises and sporting facilities which are

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