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Ground Operations Manual
Record of Revisions
Section ROR
Norwegian Air Shuttle
The latest version of the manual will always be located on the
Norwegian extranet and on CrewNet, and any printed copiesmust be verified for the correct version before used.
Anne Fallet
We appreciate your feedback and any comments regarding this manual shall be submitted to adjustments and fixes will be submitted in the next following manual revision.
NP/Director Ground Operations

Ground operations manual
Section 3baggage
Section 4passenger handling
Revision 0931 march 2018
Section 5operational messages
Section 10cleaning
Section 11service concept
Section 13stationery
Intentionally blank
Inform by quickest possible means:
Organization and supervision of operation ......................... 1–5
Terminology used
Coding of notices
Incorrect information
Occ-irr – irregularities 24/7
Passenger contact centers
Safety reports
Personal lost and found items
Circles of safety
Esanemotional support animalsflash point
Load instruction report (lir)
Narrowbody aircraft
Passenger handling personnel. 2–4
Checked baggage. 3–3
Carry-on baggage. 3–6
Medical baggage. 3–9
Prohibited items
Exceptions – weight
Free of charge – infants
Transfer flight charges
Information to passengers (signature of lr)
Restraint system infants
Special baggage cat 2
For loading and handling, refer to
Documents required
Container requirements
Transferpetc in transfer can be booked where petc is allowed.
Service animals
The pilot-in-command must be informed of the location
Avalanche rescue backpack
Camping stoves and fuel containers that have contained ab bflammable liquid fuel
Insulated packagings containing refrigerated liquid nitrogen
Lithium batteries, spare/loose, including power banks
Mobility aids:
Oxygen or air, gaseous, cylinders
Approval process
Radioisotopic cardiac pacemakers
Oxygen concentrators
Lithium metal and lithium ion batteries
Weapons and munitions of war
Passengers and confidentiality ............................................. 4–1
Seating .................................................................................... 4–20
International short haul opening/closing
Note: ref pax not found in the dcs (see section 4.5.7).4.5.5
Pax not found in dcs
Mandatory information to crew
Boarding sequence – narrowbody operation
Direct to gate
First wave departures/one way turn
Transport refusal
Dangerous goods in excessive baggage
Offloading of excessive carry-on baggage
Voluntary de-boarding
Meet and assist (maas) for us flights
Travel without companion
Medical conditions/certificate
Blind and deaf (passengers having both disabilities)
Service animals
Emotional support dog
Oxygenrefer to gom section
Depu/depa/pica – security escort
Customer handling
Ppos, prisoners and escorts
Carrier controlled display systems:
Delayspassengers shall receive a written form about their rights according to eu
The handling agent will continuously and in cooperation with operations
Meal vouchers
Outside the company's control – no compensation
Denied boarding
Obligation to inform affected passengers
Note: passengers with non-revenue tickets shall under no
On all flights excluding flights from the united states
Free or reduced rate – transportation in lieu of monies due:
Involuntary denied boarding
Irr – umnr (unaccompanied minors)
Upgrading and downgrading – compensation
On all flights from the united states
Handling responsibilities
Ahl handling responsibility update/match
Baggage transport of delayed baggage
Baggage reason of loss code/fault station
Damaged baggage
Age and value of the damaged item shall always be written in the dpr. when
Baggage damage – limited release
Lost and found items
Baggage irregularity codes – world tracer
Flight movement messages (mvt) ......................................... 5–1
Edp addresses – all stations
Operational messages
Alphaiata standard delay codes
Technical and aircraft equipment
Edp/automated equipment failure
Air traffic flow management restrictions
Example: .eld/32/l425code
Example: .hea/1/196 .hea/1/204note:
Example: .mos/1code
Dangerous goods codes – not applicable due no approval to
Example: .rox/2code
Widebody aircraft. 6–8
Note: the final figures have to include all the items loaded in compartment
Handling agent procedure for load control
Loading instruction and report (lir)
Standard weights
Weight distribution
Load control duties
Load message (ldm)
Weight and balance
Always check that aircraft maximum weights are not exceeded and that we
Loading and unloading procedures ................................... 7–42
Push and start operation. 7–59
Winter operation. 7–65
Safety rules ramp area
Fire prevention procedures
Ramp operation
No drive zones
There shall always be a qualified bridge operator present in the bridge when
Removal of steps
Removal of baggage belts
Baggage trolleys
Gse maintenance program
Adverse weather conditions
High wind conditions
Conditions for using hand signals
Chocks inserted, stabilizers on (gse)
Identify gate
Turn left (from the pilot’s point of view)
Chocks inserted
Connect tug/towbar
Cargo compartment general
General checks unloading
Special load7.3.3.1
Battery (not common)
Wheelchairs/mobility aids with spillable batteries
Carry-on baggage in separate seat
Dangerous goods
Lashing equipment
Methods of lashing
Standard load
Fuelling with passengers onboard
Night stopprocedures are valid for overnight parked aircraft.
Cargo doors• all cargo hold doors shall be shut and latched. see section
Toilet system servicing
Tow bar connection/disconnection
Start up without headset shall always be agreed with the commander
Push completed
Ready for taxi
Safety management system – sms
Just culture definition
Aircraft ground damage
Reporting routines
The iata dangerous goods regulations (the regulations) contain all of the
Definition of dangerous goods
Dry ice, carbon dioxide solid (un 1845)
Class 1 – explosives (has 6 subdivisions (rxs only allowable)
Class 7 – radioactive material
Acceptance check
Handling dangerous goods
Radioactive contamination
Uld damage control and reporting
Preliminary cargo figures
Example of final ntm:
Arriving aircraft
Prohibited articles
Cleaning types
Widebody aircraft
Security search and secure clean
Cleaning kits and cabin supplies
Cleaning kits – widebody aircraft
Aircraft entry/doorways
Headrest covers
Hat racks/overhead stowage bins
Passenger service unit (psu)
Ventilation outflow and associated panels/carpet riser
Important: do not overfill the washbasins, since any spill in the
It is extremely important to highlight the following points for the cleaning of
Areas of common use
Crew rest compartments – b787
Exterior cleaning
Pre-flight disinsection
Overnight disinsection
Meals detailed
Levels of offence and company policy
Use of the seals
Additional requirements – flights to/from us
Security search checklist
First boarding announcement
Repeated boarding announcement
Final boarding announcement
Xxx. we regret to inform you that this flight will be delayed due to
Certified gross weights
Cargo doors – fallback procedure
Loading/offloading sequence
Note: the alarm limit switch light will only light up when the
Aircraft specific data/procedures
Cpt 3 – aft hold – heavy packages
Panel location
Toilet capacity and servicing fluid
Reservedintentionally left open15.1.11
Engine de-icing/fan heating
Holdover time
If exceeding the hot on ground, anew de/anti-icing treatment shall be
Towing operation
Landing gear locks
Towing truck operator:
Or in emergency see belowbefore towing:
Emergency braking
Towing (towing without brake operator)
Preparation before towing
Completion of towing
Backing of aircraft
Signs of damage
Note: damage must always be reported so that a qualified technician can
Certified gross weights aircraft
Maximum allowable weight
Aircraft type
Restriction use of fegp or gpu on 787 aircraft
Loading system – shut down
Loading and offloading
Warning: lift the rollout stop/lock lateral restraints
Cargo tie down
Loading tables
Drain valve opening
Water tank capacity
No spray area
Standard communication
Towing procedure (towing with brake operator in cockpit)
Note: for technical towing operations the downlock pins
Intentionally left blank
Signs of lightning/heat
Aircraft weights
Aircraft dimensions
Package length (cm)
Reservedintentionally left open15.3.11

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