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Set Up Your Device
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Start Using Your Device
Turn Your Device On or Off
The instructions below explain how to turn your device on or off.
To turn the device on:
► Press and hold the Power button until the device turns on.
To turn the device off:
1. Press and hold the Power button.
2. Tap Power off.
Lock or Unlock Your Device
Use your device’s screen lock features to secure your device.
Your Gear locks when you remove it from your wrist or when the screen times out while you are wearing it.
The default Screen lock on your device is None.
To choose a more secure screen lock, see
“Set a Screen Lock” on page 91.
To unlock the device:
► Press the Power button or Back button.
Set Up Your Device

Use the Set Up Wizard
When you turn on the Gear for the first time or reset it, the Setup wizard is displayed. Follow the prompts to learn about your device’s features.
Samsung Gear App
To connect your Gear to a smartphone, install the
Samsung Gear app on the smartphone. You can download the Samsung Gear app from Galaxy Apps, or
Google Play

Compatible with select devices using Android 4.4 and later, with at least 1.5 GB RAM. Supported devices may vary by carrier and device. Some features may not be available. For best results, connect with compatible Samsung Galaxy devices.
For a list of compatible smartphones, please visit
Connect the Gear to a Smartphone
1. Turn on the Gear.
2. From the Apps screen of the smartphone, tap
Samsung Gear.

If necessary, update the Samsung Gear app to the latest version.
3. Tap Start the Journey, and follow the prompts to select your device.
4. When the Bluetooth
pairing request window is displayed, confirm the passkeys displayed on your
Gear and smartphone match, and then tap OK.
5. Follow the prompts to complete the connection.
When the devices are connected, a tutorial is displayed on the Gear’s screen. Follow the prompts to learn basic controls.
Set Up Your Device

Connect the Gear to a New Smartphone
When you connect the Gear to another smartphone, the
Gear automatically resets and all data is removed from its memory. Make sure you back up any important data stored on your Gear.
1. Back up your Gear’s data on your smartphone as follows:

From the Apps screen of the smartphone, tap
Samsung Gear > Settings tab > About Gear >
Back up and restore > Back up settings.
2. End the connection between your Gear and smartphone.
3. Connect your Gear to another smartphone.
Remote Connection
Set the Gear to remotely connect to the smartphone when a Bluetooth connection between the devices is not available. With this connection, you can still receive notifications from your smartphone.
To enable or disable this feature:
1. From the Apps screen of the smartphone, tap
Samsung Gear > Settings tab.
2. Tap Gear connection > Remote connection.
Note: You must connect the Gear to Wi-Fi and sign in to your Samsung account on the smartphone to enable this feature.
Set Up Your Device

Auto Switch Device
If you have connected two or more wearable devices to your smartphone, they are remembered in the
Samsung Gear app. If a connected wearable device is disconnected, the Samsung Gear app searches for another remembered wearable device and connects to it.
1. From the Apps screen of the smartphone, tap
Samsung Gear.
2. Tap More options > Disconnect, and then confirm when prompted. The Gear disconnects from your smartphone.
1. From the Apps screen of the smartphone, tap
Samsung Gear.
2. Tap More options > Auto switch device, and tap
On/Off to enable the feature.
Set Up Your Device

Learn About
Your Device
Learn some of the key features of your device, including the screens and icons, as well as how to navigate the device.

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