Ftb-5700 Single-Ended Dispersion Analyzer

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The ultimate CD/PMD characterization solution Single-ended PMD and CD measurements The advantage of one: complete dispersion analysis with a single module, a single connector and a one-step test setup Unparalleled software user-friendliness: all automated Testing range up to 140 km
Platform Compatibility FTB-200 Compact Platform FTB-500 Platform
Next-Generation Network Assessment

Single-Ended Dispersion Analyzer
The Only Combined CD and PMD Test Module on the Market
Building on EXFO’s market-proven dispersion testing expertise, the FTB-5700 Single-Ended Dispersion Analyzer combines chromatic dispersion (CD) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) measurement into a single, highly automated, high- effi ciency test solution. It offers the true advantage of one—one-ended testing using one module, one connector and a one-step test setup, delivering one combined-results fi le—dramatically reducing the cost of ownership and speeding up the learning curve, the test cycles, as well as reporting.
Housed in either of EXFO’s multimodular portable platforms, the FTB-200 Compact Platform and the FTB-500 Platform, the FTB-5700 delivers straightforward, yet advanced CD and PMD characterization in a single affordable instrument optimized for both entry-level and seasoned technicians.
Start with CD or PMD Testing and Upgrade to a Combined Solution Whenever Needed
Not sure if you will require CD testing in the future but need to test PMD today The FTB-5700 lets you upgrade your dispersion testing solution as your network testing requirements evolve.
You can fi rst start with an FTB-5700 unit equipped with either CD or PMD test features (FTB-5700-CD or FTB-5700-PMD) and later upgrade to a combined solution (FTB-5700-CD-PMD) through our service centers. This makes the purchase of this 40 Gbit/s-ready single-ended dispersion analyzer a truly safe and valuable investment.
One lightweight unit that Provides exclusive single-ended testing technology Enables one technician to test both CD and PMD
Requires only one training session Minimizes manual interventions, for fail- safe results Reduces required connections to just one Saves valuable processing time—one GUI, one results fi le, one report
CD and PMD Testing
Combo—The Benefi ts High re ection (4% or more) required at far end, using an unterminated UPC connector or re ector connector.

Single-Ended Dispersion Analyzer
The ongoing race to develop high-speed transmission systems and to increase available bandwidth is facing certain limitations. Chromatic dispersion (CD) measurements are becoming more and more critical for carriers and service providers looking to upgrade their systems to faster transmission rates and longer routes, thanks to the advent of recon gurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs).
What’s more, since the eight test points are adjustable, the FTB-5700 never loses test points due to high attenuation. Whatever the link, test parameters are automatically optimized.
Characterize CD in a Snap The FTB-5700 features a highly intuitive user interface presenting straightforward pass/fail results Being con gurable, the FTB-5700 automatically selects the proper test wavelength according to fi ber type.

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Flexible reporting

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