Fsck − The unix† File System Check Program

Detecting and correcting corruption

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3.1. Detecting and correcting corruption
Normally fsck is run non-interactively. In this mode it will only fix corruptions that are expected to occur from an unclean halt. These actions area proper subset of the actions that fsck will take when it is running interactively. Throughout this paper we assume that fsck is being run interactively, and all possible errors can be encountered. When an inconsistency is discovered in this mode, fsck reports the inconsistency for the operator to chose a corrective action.
A quiescent‡ file system maybe checked for structural integrity by performing consistency checks on the redundant data intrinsic to ale system. The redundant data is either read from the file system, or computed from other known values. The file system must be in a quiescent state when fsck is run, since fsck is a multi-pass program.
In the following sections, we discuss methods to discover inconsistencies and possible corrective actions for the cylinder group blocks, the inodes, the indirect blocks, and the data blocks containing directory entries.

Fsck − the unix file system check program
Table of contents
Can’t stat fcan’t make sense out of name
Impossible minfree=
Magic number wrong
Can not read blk
Partially truncated inode
Link count table overflow (continue)
Excessive bad blks
Bad state ddd to blkerr
Partially allocated inode i=
Root inode unallocated (allocate)
Cannot allocate root inode
I out of range i=
Zero length directory i=
Directory corrupted i=
Missing ‘.’ i=
Extra ‘.’ entry i=
Missing ‘..’ i=
Extra ‘..’ entry i=
Bad state s for root inode
No lost+found directory (create)
Sorry. cannot create lost+found directory
Sorry. no space in lost+found directory
Directory f length
Unref file i=
No space left in /lost+found (expand)
Link count type i=

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