Fsck − The unix† File System Check Program

Appendix A − Fsck Error Conditions

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4. Appendix A − Fsck Error Conditions
4.1. Conventions
Fsck is a multi-pass file system check program. Each file system pass invokes a different Phase of the fsck program. After the initial setup, fsck performs successive Phases over each file system, checking blocks and sizes, path-names, connectivity, reference counts, and the map of free blocks, (possibly rebuilding it, and performs some cleanup.
Normally fsck is run non-interactively to preen the file systems after an unclean halt. While preening ale system, it will only fix corruptions that are expected to occur from an unclean halt. These actions area proper subset of the actions that fsck will take when it is running interactively. Throughout this appendix many errors have several options that the operator can take. When an inconsistency is detected, fsck reports the error condition to the operator. If a response is required, fsck prints a prompt message and waits fora response. When preening most errors are fatal. For those that are expected, the response taken is noted.
This appendix explains the meaning of each error condition, the possible responses, and the related error conditions.
The error conditions are organized by the Phase of the fsck program in which they can occur. The error conditions that may occur in more than one Phase will be discussed in initialization.

Fsck − the unix file system check program
Table of contents
Can’t stat fcan’t make sense out of name
Impossible minfree=
Magic number wrong
Can not read blk
Partially truncated inode
Link count table overflow (continue)
Excessive bad blks
Bad state ddd to blkerr
Partially allocated inode i=
Root inode unallocated (allocate)
Cannot allocate root inode
I out of range i=
Zero length directory i=
Directory corrupted i=
Missing ‘.’ i=
Extra ‘.’ entry i=
Missing ‘..’ i=
Extra ‘..’ entry i=
Bad state s for root inode
No lost+found directory (create)
Sorry. cannot create lost+found directory
Sorry. no space in lost+found directory
Directory f length
Unref file i=
No space left in /lost+found (expand)
Link count type i=

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