Fsck − The unix† File System Check Program

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3.4. Checking the inode state
An individual inode is not as likely to be corrupted as the allocation information. However, because of the great number of active inodes, a few of the inodes are usually corrupted.
The list of inodes in the file system is checked sequentially starting with inode 2 (inode 0 marks unused inodes; inode 1 is saved for future generations) and progressing through the last inode in the file system. The state of each inode is checked for inconsistencies involving format and type, link count, duplicate blocks, bad blocks, and inode size.
Each inode contains a mode word. This mode word describes the type and state of the inode. Inodes must be one of six types regular inode, directory inode, symbolic link inode, special block inode, special character inode, or socket inode. Inodes maybe found in one of three allocation states unallocated, allocated, and neither unallocated nor allocated. This last state suggests an incorrectly formated inode. An inode can get in this state if bad data is written into the inode list. The only possible corrective action is for
fsck is to clear the inode.

Fsck − the unix file system check program
Table of contents
Can’t stat fcan’t make sense out of name
Impossible minfree=
Magic number wrong
Can not read blk
Partially truncated inode
Link count table overflow (continue)
Excessive bad blks
Bad state ddd to blkerr
Partially allocated inode i=
Root inode unallocated (allocate)
Cannot allocate root inode
I out of range i=
Zero length directory i=
Directory corrupted i=
Missing ‘.’ i=
Extra ‘.’ entry i=
Missing ‘..’ i=
Extra ‘..’ entry i=
Bad state s for root inode
No lost+found directory (create)
Sorry. cannot create lost+found directory
Sorry. no space in lost+found directory
Directory f length
Unref file i=
No space left in /lost+found (expand)
Link count type i=

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