Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler Part 1 How the Control Comes about by Fritz Springmeier

Difficulties, preexisting & created

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Difficulties, preexisting & created.
As a programmed multiple is worked with, they may seem calm on the outside, while all hell is breaking loose on the inside.
One of the triggers that therapists often unnecessarily push is that they talk about how the alter is part of the whole. The alters will discover this for themselves. But every time the therapist verbalizes it, they trigger programming, and then various alters get triggered & upset. They feel like their ID. is being taken away. They do need to learn that they are part of a whole, but it can be learned quietly over a period of time. The mind will slowly assimilate the reality of it. Occasionally, alters will give a therapist a concocted answer to deflect more questions.
Another difficulty is that the therapist and alters will almost always discover the cover story & the cover programming first.
There is an art to asking questions to multiples and an art to interpreting the answers. It’s OK. for the victim to only have pieces. It’s OK. for the victim to change things as progress is made. Initially, the front alters will be trying to work through a great deal of false memories, planted thoughts, and programming. There is a knowing in the mind, between a planted thought and areal one. This knowing is hard to describe, but part of this knowing is the difference in impact areal trauma memory has in comparison to a false memory attached to a stringer of programming. The false memory will have emotions attached, but the intensity is much less, and these emotions do not linger like the impact of real traumas.
After awhile the victim will begin to discern the difference between the real and the false. A standard trauma for children is to lock them in a trunk, and dump the trunk into a body of water where a.the trunk fills with water, b. the child drowns,
and c. is resuscitated in time to not suffer brain damage. How does the victim’s mind remember this The young child doesn’t have a fully developed ability to anticipate. They have been locked in boxes before. From having debriefed children of these traumas, it is manifest that they never remember the drowning (which takes anticipation, what they remember crystal clear is the terror of being locked in a dark box (which connects with their memories of similar traumas. The emotional affect of this trauma will be dissociated. Another reason why information processing slows down is that information is not processed with its affect, its emotional content. After the therapist asks, "What do you see" he can ask, "How does this make you feel" By encouraging the feelings, the memories get worked on rather than being stuffed.
When memories get stuffed, then the next layer of memories is harder to reach.

At times when a particular area of a system is worked in, the client may feel certain feelings. "Why do you feel certain ways when you work on certain areas" And if that feeling is "I’m bad, then rewrite a reverse program, so that each time the alter hears "I’m bad, it hears
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& thinks "I’m good" The programmers depend upon the mind not wanting to believe itself. When one dissociated part of the mind creates something, the other parts are not in touch with that creation. For instance, parts create their home or environment that they live in. If another part were to try to get in touch with that internal home, it all seems like hearsay,
second hand information. If you were the fourth born son, you would not remember the first few years of the firstborn son’s life It is no different for the fourth split to try to get in touch with the first split’s history. It was created afterwards & it has none of the early memories of the first split. The client asks the therapist, "You want me to believe I have rivers, if there are rivers there, then why don’t I know" If the therapist is not careful, the client (unable to seethe internal world) may think the therapist is a wee bit crazy. You may get responses such as "Whats a castle" "Why would I want to go into a graveyard,
and dig up old bones That’s scary" Some directions are not in the best interest of the therapy. It is not advisable to get the castle librarian. It is more important not to destablize the system, than any good that would be achieved in this direction.

C. training the unborn child
B. administering drugs for programming
B. the power of hypnosis ........................................
Vi. deeper insights on the use of electricity &
F. placing thoughts directing into the human mind
F. using mirrors & spinning
Part 2. how help comes about for
Denial, how to deal with therapist's
Hope............................................................................ 345
Self-inflicted harm, how to handle
Triggers, how to defuse
Abusers, confrontations or not
Dream work, understanding
Implants, dealing with
Rationales, understanding cult r
Surveillance, dealing with
Dedicationthis book is dedicated to the two million americans and
Did (also known as mpd), it is recommended that you consult
Mengele’s concentration camp research is still classified. much
Syndrome campaign, or as those of us who know the facts like
Cia and office of naval intelligence and mi, they can be given
Un-american activities "since man began, he has tried to
Programming is a foundation rock of the new world order that
Cia director admiral stansfield turner disclosed that the cia
Isaiah the great prophet said, "the lord god hath given me
Thessalonians (1 thes 5:14) says that in effect that different
Christ." eph. 4:13 if the body of christ is to attain fullness, we
Alter-our usage is trying to follow the programmers usage of
Mengele-created grid would be a grid of x principal
Grand druid council, the committee of 300, and the committee
Monarch programming--this was a specific project carried out
Switching--this is when one part (fragment) of the mind takes
Next page 1 ...introduction
Breeding good subjects for hypnosis
Training the unborn child
Common illuminati work with twins
Selection of adult candidates for
U.s. govt. mind-control level 1.
U.s. govt. mind-control level 2.
U.s. govt. mind-control level 3.
U.s. govt. mind-control level 5
Testing young children to plan the
Daily abuse works best for programming
A trauma to develop animal alters
The use of drugs
Classifying mind-drugs
Administration of drugs for programming
More programming drugs
Stabilizing the programming
Extensive research done to influence human
One type of experience of victim hypnotic drug
What the mind-control programmers use to
Hiding the codes
Programming with lsd
Chemically triggering natural instinctual
Sexual stimulation-programming
Adrenalchrome (adrenal chromaffin)
Hypnosis & the occult
Understanding the basics about hypnosis
The power of hypnosis
Understanding the deeper mechanics of
Programming aids
Using holograms as an access aid
Preparing the brain
Early training for slaves
Magical training on the starlight level
The monarch programming script for over
Induction training script
Bringing the slave out of trance
Deep trance programming
Color programming
The association of colorful sights,
Light & color
Special colors
Healing by correct vibrations & rays
Using hypnosis to heal the slave after
And the beat goes on...
Hypnotic codes, cues and triggers
Tones & cords
Rings, credit cards, tokens etc.
Program codes during 1972-1976
Page 37 ...chapter 4.
In the s, marquis de puysegur was putting people into deep hypnotic trances
Spiegel and leonard, 1986). the mind simply diverts the pain into a "mental floppy
This author (fritz) has reported that programmed multiples are able to increase the
K-lines without the normal unconscious conservative restraints. under behavior
Understanding the deeper mechanics of hypnosis
Intention system sends out cognitive search demons, they do not have to involve
Black forest, germany
China lake naval research base (inyokern), ca--
Colorado springs, co
Ft. campbell, kt
Goddard space flight center-
Mcclellan afb, ca
Patrick afb,--portland
Scotty’s castle, death valley, ca
Tinker, afb, ok
Utah state prison
Wright-patterson afb
Appendix 3. clones,
Some of the films that show existing
Oregon’s underground secret cloning
Further investigations at dulce’s
Summary of the four methods.
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The harvest of weeping
Boundaries & roles
Communications issues
Denial, how to deal with the therapists or ministers
Depression (initial client complaint)
Eating disorders
When mind-control victims with eating
Evaluation forms
Sample questions in areas of inquiry
Fear, what f. issues do victims have
Initial questionaire
If some of these are yes
Panic attacks, suggestions
Understanding programming
Protection, spiritual
The unique power of the truth, "ye shall
Other items of protection
Special situations where spiritual
Where will the enemy counterattack
Safety issues, of slave
The safety of child victims
Safety issues, of support team
The good news
Spiritual issues
Structuring, how it is done, its consequences and its
Suicidal thoughts (early client complaint)
Long term work
Support team, organizing one
Traumas, foundational traumas, how to
Every time the victim of mind-control accidently triggers a
Truth, discernment of
The correct goal & some basic techniques.
Abreactions, understanding
Visible clues in victim:
Visible clues in the victim:
Visible clues:
Alters, how to work with deep illuminati alters (issues for therapists)
How to work with deeper illuminati parts
Treat with respect
Denial, identifying and dealing with defense mechanisms
Part a. the meaning of dreams
Part b. dream telepathy & mpd
Part ca listing of research into mpd (did) & dreams
Part d. important findings of mpd (did) dream research
Part e. our suggestions concerning mpd dream work
Part f. standard illuminati programming concerning
Family, rebuilding a shattered family
Flooding, how to deal with
Benefiting from grief by fritz
Guilt, dealing with (also see art. on "self-forgiveness)
Identity, discovering it
Integration, understanding
Assisting the victim to see.
Where to search for information.
Jobs, new ones for alters
Justice system, dealing with the broken j.s.
How to deal with mazes
How to deal with mirrors
Programming, foundations, destruction of
Crocell--this demon makes the noise like rushing water that alters talk about hearing in their internal worlds.
Haborym--this is a demon of fire who is placed in control of the fire around the internal hell pit.
Malphas--a builder of high towers. he may also get involved with the hypnosis.
Raum-- he destroys internal parts or internal cities.
Succubus--a female demon who preys on men sexually. this demon will be active during rituals.
Alter: you can’t love what isn’t.
Alter: god can’t love us.
Rationales, of the abusers
Reality vs perception
Salvation, obtaining it, issues for multiples
Satanic cults, understanding the practice of
Demonology, and its relation to mind-control and the
Self-forgiveness, to achieve
Split-brain programming
Exercises to rewire the brain’s
Surveillance, dealing with surveillance
Tips for therapists
Transference, issues of
Will be varied.
Can happen naturally.
Can be worked with during therapy.
Transference issues call for teams.
Selection & preparation.
Body manipulation
External controls
Advantages gained from working with
Deeper cult parts
A final trick
World, external, how to underatnd the external world
Worlds, the destruction of
Understanding the st human brain,
Manipulation of the reptilian brain
How the worlds are built & the computers
How the demons protect the system, & how
What people in the past have done, and why
How the grand druid council is linked to
Getting meaningful assistance from a
Summary & final comments
Typically, a sister of light would be blindfolded and taken down many flights of
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