Forklift Safety Manual

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Forklift Safety Manual
©2014 State Compensation Insurance Fund of e (Rev. 04/14)
product was developed for you by State Fund, your partner in loss prevention. We recognize that your loss prevention efforts can affect the frequency and severity of illnesses and
injuries in your work environment. Our experience shows that with informed planning and education, workplace injuries and illnesses can be reduced or eliminated. We are committed
to the belief that a safe workplace can increase worker productivity and lower your workers compensation costs. The safety and well-being of our insured employers and their employees
is the primary concern of State Fund. We know you will find this information helpful in educating and encouraging your employees to establish and maintain a safe working environment.
Forklifts, also kn important part Forklifts are also own as powered industrial trucks, are an of material handling in many industries. a source of serious accidents in the workplace. Injuries and/or fatalities indicate that many workers and employers are not using or maybe unaware of the correct forklift safety procedures.
The goal of this guide is to assist workplace instructors with forklift safety-training programs. This guide does not presume to cover every forklift safety hazard or situation and should be used as a supplement to the manufacturer’s provided forklift-operating manual. Cal/OSHA regulations state that the employer is responsible for ensuring that each forklift operator is competent to operate a forklift safely. The employer is also responsible for certifying that each forklift operator is trained and evaluated, in accordance with
Cal/OSHA regulations, before operating a forklift.

Training the trainer
Workplace performance evaluation
Written forklift safety test
Section 1: forklift safety training program
High rack storage
Forklift driving course
Section 2: forklift operation and safety
Types of forklifts
Workplace conditions
Pedestrian safety
Required forklift safety postings
Transporting loads
Lockout, tagout, and blockout
Starting and dismounting
Elevating employees using a forklift
Section 4: forklift inspection
During the safety check
Operator’s forklift safety checklist
Section 5: forklift maneuvering
Forklift operator performance test
Passinstructor’s namere-test
Forklift safety training record

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