Fingerprint Lock

Note: The administrators (including super administrators) can delete only

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Note: The administrators (including super administrators) can delete only
ordinary users. To delete an administrator ID, you need to select
"System Opt"
"Adv Option"
"Clr Admin Pri", and
then select User Manage
"Delete to delete the ID.

3. Lock Function Information and Settings
3.1 Operation Settings
Select "Options" "Set Opt from the main menu to display the following information Set Opt.
Illega Alarm Yes
Illega Cnt. 10
Lock 5 Verify Mode 1 Normal Open Yes Card Only No The options under Set Opt include Illega Alarm, Illega Cnt., Lock, Verify
Mode, Normal Open, and Card Only.
Illega Alarm (Illegal Alarm The fingerprint lock willpower off automatically when the number of consecutive operation failures exceeds the set value. After restart, its buzzer will sound discontinuously for 30 seconds to generate an invalid operation alarm and then power off automatically.
Illega Cnt. Illegal Operation Count This parameter is used to set the consecutive operation failure count. An invalid operation alarm will be generated when the consecutive failure count exceeds the threshold. Value range 3–99. Default value 10. The failure count is cumulated when the fingerprint lock is started next time. If the number of cumulative failures exceeds the threshold, the fingerprint lock will generate an invalid operation alarm otherwise, the failure count will no longer be accumulated after successful unlocking.

Lock: This parameter is used to set the duration from successful matching to unlocking. Select Lock and press OK to display the Lock interface. Press to select a value. Press ESC to exit current interface and save your settings. For this parameter, its unit of quantity is 1 second and value range is 3–15, that is, 3–15 seconds.
Note: The unit of quantity and the maximum value of this parameter here are standard configurations. If you need larger parameter values, please consult our commercial representatives or pre-sales technical support engineers.

Fingerprint lock user manual
Emergency interfaces
Note: please set the card only option to no
Warning: it is prohibited to power off the fingerprint lock while deleting user data so as
Verify mode: press ok
Normal open: press ok
Note: only the super administrator has the right to perform advanced settings. select "options"

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