Faculty Handbook

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Faculty Handbook
Updated August 2017

Ohio University


Revised August 2017 The Faculty Senate, as sanctioned by the Ohio University Board of Trustees, is an elected representative body that acts on behalf of all faculty on matters related to University planning, governance, and resource allocation. The Senate maintains primary jurisdiction over curriculum and academic policies, and is an advocate for faculty views on all other University policies and practices. As a key partner in University governance, the Senate provides representatives to all relevant University committees, boards, and task forces. The Faculty Senate provides a forum for the discussion of all issues of concern to the faculty and is dedicated to creating and maintaining a University environment that preserves academic freedom and fosters the free exchange of ideas The rights, privileges, and responsibilities of the faculty of Ohio University are governed by the statements and bylaws contained in the latest revision of this
Proposed revisions are referred to the Faculty Senate and, when approved by the Senate, are forwarded as recommendations to the President for approval and subsequent publication in the
Faculty Handbook.

Approved as Official University Policy By
Dr. M. Duane Nellis,

Faculty Handbook

Updated august 2017
V. university faculty fellowship program, research grants, and awards ............... 81
Vi. faculty organizations ................................................................................................... 86
Vii. committees, ucc, chairs and deans. 100
Statement on professional ethics
Academic freedom
Academic tenure
Endnotes [1]
Faculty rank and status privileges and limitations
Classification of faculty
Appointment and tenure for members of the same family
Adjudication and amendment
Probationary appointments
Termination of appointment by the university
Family medical leave act
Relocation from one ohio university campus to another
In-network benefits
Medical spending account
Annual review:
Special arrangements
Class lists and record books
Retention of student records
Classroom privacy
Grade appeals
Participation in outside work
Departmental and college procedures
Censure or disciplinary action±
Fraud and misconduct in professional research
Inquiry procedure
Appeal procedure
Due process considerations
Article 2 meetings of the faculty senate
The election of faculty senate officers
Salaries and stipends of the officers of the faculty senate
Faculty initiation of proposals
Faculty initiated referendum
A ballot to recall a member of the faculty senate
Removal of senate officers or committee chairs
Parliamentary authority
Annual evaluation
Comprehensive review
Promotion and tenure (sections ii.d.1, ii.e.2, ii.e.6, ii.e.7, and ii.e.8)
Resignations (section ii.k)
Grievances other than reappointment, promotion, and tenure (section ii.g)
H harassment sexual, 48 i

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