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F YD OD PROGRAMS b - Insufficient progress in verification of Joint Technical Data, particularly those for troubleshooting aircraft fault codes and for support equipment
- Delays in completing the required extensive and time-consuming modifications to the fleet of operational test aircraft which, if not mitigated with an executable plan and contract, could significantly delay the start of IOT&E
- Insufficient progress in the following areas which are required for IOT&E:
Development, integration, and testing of the Air-to-Air Range Infrastructure instrumentation into the F aircraft Flight testing to certify the Data Acquisition, Recording, and Telemetry pod throughout the full flight envelope Development of other models, including the Fusion Simulation Model, Virtual Threat Insertion table, and the Logistics Composite Model - Delays in providing training simulators in the Block F configuration to the initial training centers and operational locations
• Based on these ongoing problems and delays, and including the required time for IOT&E spin-up, the program will not be ready to start IOT&E until late CY18, at the soonest, or more likely early CY19. In fact, IOT&E could be delayed to as late as CY20, depending on the completion of required modifications to the IOT&E aircraft.

Progress in developmental testing
F-35 joint strike fighter
Mission data load development and testing
Weapons integration and demonstration events
Pilot escape system
Joint simulation environment (jse)
Live fire test and evaluation (lft&e)
Autonomic logistics information system
Air-ship integration and ship suitability
Cybersecurity testing
Follow-on modernization
Major contractor
Test flights (as of november 30, 2016)
F yd od programs b60 f jsfdevelopmental testing fa flight sciences
F-35a flight sciences assessment
F yd od programs b62 f jsfdevelopmental testing f-35b flight sciences
F-35b flight sciences assessment
Developmental testing f-35c flight sciences
F-35c flight sciences assessment
Developmental testing mission systems
Flight test activity with af, af, af, bf, bf, bf,
Mission systems assessment
Assessment of block band i initial warfighting” fielded
Mission systems software inflight stability metrics
F yd od programs bf-35 jsf 75block f developmental testing weapons events accomplished through november 2016
F yd od programs b76 f jsfblock f developmental testing weapons events accomplished through november 2016 (continued)
Weapons demonstration events by the operational test teams
Amraam air-to-air missile events accomplished by operational test teams
Air-to-air general observations
Weapon typenumber of weapons events
F yd od programs bf-35 jsf 79air-to-ground general observations
Static structural and durability testing
Pao shut-off valve
Vulnerability to unconventional threats
Gun ammunition lethality and vulnerability
Operational suitability
F-35 fleet availability
F-35 availability for month period ending october 2016
F-35 mc and fmc rates by variant for month period
F-35 fleet planned vs. achieved flight hours
F-35 depot, nmc-m, and nmc-s rates by variant for month
F-35 reliability mfhbcf (hours)
Reliability growth
F-35 reliability mfhbr (hours)
High-driver components affecting low availability
F-35 maintainability mcmtcf (hours)
Autonomic logistics information system (alis)
Alis software testing and fielding in 2016
Assessment of alis support to deployment demonstrations
Alis software and hardware development planning from
Metrics of diagnostic capability
Production aircraft only
Air-ship integration and ship suitability testing
Cybersecurity operational testing
Dot&e response to senator mccain’s questions regarding
Question #1: when will the department complete the sdd
Question #2: how many additional funds, in each
Question #3: what other service priorities will not receive
Question #4: is secretary james block f full combat
Question #5: how will this delay and cost overrun affect
Question #6: when will you complete the operational test
Question #7: when will you make the
Question #9: how will the sdd delay affect the follow-on

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