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16371 Table Mountain Parkway
Golden, Colorado 80403
Phone 303-215-9171 - FAX 303-277-9669 www.epiloglaser.com
Procedure Title:
Setting the Manual Focus Gauge
Machine Type:
FiberMark laser engraver
Tools Needed:
Manual Focus Gauge,
Small sheet of anodized aluminum
1. Turn on the machine and place a small piece of metal in the upper left corner of the machines table.
2. Set up a job that is a 2x2 inch black filled box. Position the box in the upper left hand corner of the table, making sure that the box does not touch the edge or corner of the page.
3. Send the job over to the engraver as a raster job using the recommended settings for anodized aluminum and the resolution set to 1200dpi.
4. Then manually focus on the material using the manual focus gauge as it is currently set.
5. Begin the print job. After starting the job, depress the focus button on the display, this will enable the arrow keys on the display, but will not change what is shown on the display.
Picture 1 6. Use the small adjustment arrow keys (shown in picture 1) to move the table up and down in small amounts. While you are adjusting the focus, observe the location where the laser is striking the material. The goal is to achieve the darkest burn onto the steel and to make the light/sparks coming off of the steel as bright/strong as possible.
7. Once you feel you have the darkest burn and the brightest/strongest light coming off of the material, depress the stop button once to stop the engraving.
8. Then take you manual focus gauge and loosen the two adjustment screws on the gauge and set it on the lens carriage and let the tip of the manual focus gauge fall to the material (if the material is not currently under the manual focus gauge move it so it is under the gauge),

background image then re-tighten the screws on the manual focus gauge, this will set the gauge to the correct focus distance.
You will now be able to use the manual focus gauge for your machine.
If you have any questions please call Epilog’s Technical Support
Phone 303.215.9171
E-Mail tech@epiloglaser.com

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