Digital fish detection in recent years

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The images presented on the echo sounder displays included in this article may not accurately reproduce the real color hues shown on the displays of the actual echo sounder used, due to digital cameras used and printing conditions. In particular, inserted images of the reflected signals which seem to be orange red (representing the bottom of the sea or fish) are shown as more reddish on the actual echo sounder displays.

The Latest in Digital Echo Sounders
Echo sounder with "next level performance" is the talk of the industry. This report documents the latest trends in echo sounders. The latest topic with respect to echo sounders intended for pleasure boats is the advent of so-called "Digital echo sounders" It is said that the digital echo sounders, in comparison with the analog ones, offer advanced detecting capabilities that are one or two steps ahead or are capable of distinguishing fish schools near the bottom of the sea from the bottom itself. Do they really deliver such outstanding performance?
We have checked true capabilities of digital echo sounders in cooperation with Mr. Isao Toji called the "Boatman Tama-chan" who supports our "Hands-on Fish Detection Training" column.
[Written by Kazuhiko Mizuno Photographer Yuji Futami, Shigehiko Yamagishi (from Boat CLUB) Editorial supervisor Isao Toji Coordinated by Koden Electronics Co, Ltd. and FURUNO ELECTRIC CO, LTD. This article was published in Japanese magazine BOAT CLUB Dec. 2008 issue and reprinted by Koden Electronics Co, Ltd. under permission of KAZI CO, LTD. The contents of this article may not be copied, all rights reserved by KAZI CO, LTD.
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Elementary explanation about differences between the digital echo
How does an analog echo sounder work
How does a digital echo sounder work
Advantages of the digital echo sounder
Koden cvs-126 echo sounder
The koden cvs-126 gives smooth images of the sea bottom features on the
Images of underwater area around a depth of 10 m
Cvs-126 cvs-126
Images of underwater area around a depth of 160 m
Cvs-126 analog echo sounder
Major specifications
Furuno fcv-620
Images of underwater area around a depth of 60 m
Analog echo sounder
Images of underwater area around a depth of 300 m
Test to find the maximum depth range
Moving towards fully digital future
Brief comment from the manufacturer

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