Delivers 100% Live Access to Patient • Provides Complete Physician Mobility

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A Collaborative Patient Assessment Tool for
Telemedicine Clinical Exams:

Delivers 100% Live Access to Patient

Provides Complete Physician Mobility
Remotes users have secure web-based access to exam site.

Captures Quality Medical Data

Enables Live Video Conferencing

Integrates with EMRs

Streamlines Clinical Workflow

What Is AGNES Interactive?
AGNES Interactive
is a web-based telemedicine software that enables remote clinical healthcare providers to capture and share medical device data, exchange documents and medical images in real-time, and participate in alive video conference - all in a single web-based platform.
AGNES Interactive
How Does it Work?
AGNES Interactive is installed and operational in minutes - no back-end servers needed. Once installed, the web-based software aggregates clinical device diagnostics, vital signs data, session encounter documents and live videoconferencing and then securely exchanges that information in real-time to the remote consulting physician.
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Experience the


Transmission of all medical data is done in REAL-TIME and does not rely on any content sharing applications Integrates with over 40 medical devices.
Embedded videoconferencing, or third-party conferencing, allows clinician and patient to teleconference with the remote specialist.
Save session information as a single universal HL7 configuration file or as a single Patient Encounter PDF
Report for easier integration with your EMR.
Unlimited Remote Users and No Recurring License Fees
There are no user fees, doctor fees or hosting fees associated with AGNES
Interactive. Just a onetime licensing fee for sending site and zero cost for unlimted receiving sites.
AGNES Interactive API maybe used to embed the telemedicine platform inside a third party application.

Designed to Provide Physicians with the Critical Tools
Needed fora Remote Patient Exam
Easily connect a USB digital stethoscope to stream live heart/lung sounds to the remote physician and eliminate the need for stethoscope hardware at the receiving end. When used with Interactive Stethoscope, it also enables software based control for frequency ranges and volume.
AMD Global Telemedicine
321 Billerica Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824
Toll-Free: 1-866-449-8210
Session Documents:
To capture the information gathered during the patient assessment in a format that can be shared or saved into an EMR system.
Medical Video:
Allows you to transmit live medical images and video from your integrated medical scopes and devices in 100% real-time.
Choose Modules as Needed for Your Requirements
Vital Signs:
Allows you to integrate medical data directly from an external spot vital sign monitor, so you can include and capture this information as part of the exam session, for the physician to review and consider.
General Examination
Digital Stethoscope
Vital Signs Monitor
Various Scopes & Devices
Rev 110817
Integrates with 40+
Medical Devices to
Gather Quality Clinical Data
Server/Clinic Side:

Processor**: Core i 2.5ghz or better Memory G or better (G is recommended) Operating System Windows 7, Windows 10, 32 orbit Browsers Latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Bandwidth: may range from 256 kbs - 2 mbs, based on modules purchased.

Soundcard: Realtek sound card (recommended) for use with Stethoscope module.
Minimum System Requirements
Results may vary if using your own videoconferencing software or you have other software installed on the PC.
Video Conferencing:
Clinician and remote specialist can teleconference, using the point-to-point Video Module or the in-browser Vidyo Room Integration for multi-point calls.
Ultrasound Probe
Universal HL7 and EMR Filing:
Seamlessly export information collected during a patient session, to a single
HL7-based configuration file. The HL7 module eases the integration with your organization’s infrastructure by providing a file that can interface with EMR systems. Ina single step, information is ready to be stored with the patient’s record.
For best results, use with AMD’s small form factor PC: i M processor, 2.70ghz with G of memory.
Remote/Dr. Receive Side:

Operating System Windows (any version, OS X (Mac)

Browsers: Latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Bandwidth: may range from 256 kbs - 2 mbs, based on modules purchased.

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