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Albert College

Albert College has offered a challenging, coeducational, academic program to both residential and day students since 1857. As a small international school, the College recognizes and supports its students individual needs in a structured academic environment as they prepare for university and college.

Vision: Albert College is an international university preparatory school committed to academic excellence and recognized for developing courageous global citizens within a close family environment.
Mission: To inspire excellence in the 5 As Academics, Arts, Athletics, Active Citizenship and Adventure through commitment to
Educating Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 students from Canada and around the world
Inspiring students to become leaders of character through pursuit of the 5 As
Supporting faculty and staff in the mastery of their professions and in the pursuit of teaching excellence
Creating a dynamic culture of learning supported by innovative technology and infrastructure
Honouring our past while preparing our students for their future

Core values: • individuality
Challenge courses
Ontario diploma credit
O = open (grades 9 – pg)
Guidance & career
Social and cultural competence
Transition to
Diagnostic testing in first week of classes
Esl course offerings
Beginning communication in english, esl level 1, open (eslao)
English in daily life, esl level 2, open (eslbo)
English for school and work, esl level 3, open (eslco)
Study skills in english, esl level 4, open (esldo)
Bridge to english, esl level 5, open (esleo)
Grade 9 courses:
Principles of mathematics, grade 9, academic (mpm1d)
Issues in canadian geography, grade 9, academic (cgc1d)
Music – instrumental band, grade 9, open (ami1o)
Healthy active living education, grade 9, open (ppl1o)
Grade 10 course offerings
Grade 10 courses
Principles of mathematics, grade 10, academic (mpm2d)
Science, grade 10, academic (snc2d)
Canadian history since world war i, grade 10, academic
Civics and citizenship, grade 10, open (chv2o) - .5 credit
Career studies, grade 10, open (glc2o) - .5 credit
Music – instrumental band, grade 10, open (ami2o)
Grade 11 course offerings
Grade 11 courses
Functions, grade 11, university preparation (mcr3u)
Functions and applications, grade 11, university/college preparation (mcf3m)
World history to the end of the fifteenth century, grade 11, university/college preparation (chw3m)
Introduction to computer science, grade 11, university preparation (ics3u)
Dramatic arts, grade 11, university/college preparation (adam)
Music – vocal, grade 11, university/college preparation (amv3m)
Visual arts, grade 11, university/college preparation (avi3m)
Core french, grade 11, university preparation (fsf3u)
Healthy active living education, grade 11, open (ppl3o)
Healthy active living education, grade 12, open (ppl4o)
Chemistry, grade 11, university preparation (sch3u)
Physics, grade 11, university preparation (sph3u)
Information and communication technology, grade 11, open (bta3o)
Grade 12 course offerings
Grade 12 courses
Ontario secondary school literacy course, grade 12 (olc4o)
Eligibility requirement
Advanced functions, grade 12, university preparation (mhf4u)
Calculus and vectors, grade 12, university preparation (mcv4u)
Biology, grade 12, university preparation (sbi4u)
Chemistry, grade 12, university preparation (sch4u)
Science, grade 12, university/college preparation (snc4m)
Physics, grade 12, university preparation (sph4u)
World issues a geographic analysis, grade 12, university preparation (cgw4u)
Canadian and world politics, grade 12, university preparation (cpw4u)
Philosophy: questions & theories, grade 12, university preparation (hzt4u)
Computer science, grade 12, university preparation (ics4u)
Dramatic arts, grade 12, university/college preparation (adam)
Exploring the arts – exploring the arts, grade 12, open (aea4o)
Music – instrumental band, grade 12, university/college (ami4m)
Music – vocal, grade 12, university/college (amv4m)
Visual arts, grade 12, university/college (avi4m)
Core french, grade 12, university preparation (fsf4u)
Introductory kinesiology, grade 12, university preparation (psk4u)
Course outlines and course overviews
Advanced placement courses
Advanced placement examination is charged to the student.

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