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LCOS reference manual part chapter 1: Configuration and management Configuration tools and approaches - 1
Configuration and management
This section will show you the methods and ways you can use to access the device and specify further settings. You will find descriptions on the following topics:

Configuration tools

Monitoring and diagnosis functions of the device and software

Backup and restoration of entire configurations

Installation of new firmware in the device
Configuration tools and approaches
LANCOM are flexible devices that support a variety of tools (i.e. software) and approaches (in the form of communication options) for their configuration. First, a look at the approaches.
You can connect to an LANCOM with three different access methods (according to the connections available).

Through the connected network (LAN as well as WAN—inband)

Through the configuration interface (config interface) on the rear of the router (also known as outband)

Remote configuration via ISDN access or modem (analog or GSM with LANCOM Modem Adapter Kit)

What is the difference between these three possibilities?
Configuration software
Terminal program, telnet
Configuration with lanconfig
Find new devices
The expanded range of functions for professionals
The integrated help function
Switch graphical user interface language
User- specific settings for lanconfig
Use user- specific settings
Customizing the toolbar
Automatic backup of configuration with lanconfig
Directory structure
Better overview in lanconfig with more columns
Manual search for firmware updates
Configuration of the global communication settings
Configuration of the specific communication settings
Country settings
Physical wlan settings
Group configuration with lanconfig
Create a group configuration
Use an existing partial configuration file
Update device configurations
Update group configurations
Using multiple group configurations
Transferring device configurations to similar models
Lanmonitor—know what's going on
Extended display options
Display functions in lanmonitor
Connection diagnosis with lanmonitor
Executionrepeat mode for the ping command.evaluation
Received until timeout
Start the lancom wlanmonitor
Add access points
Rogue ap and rogue client detection with the wlanmonitor
Rogue ap detection
Rogue client detection
Activating rogue-ap and rogue-client detection
E- mail messaging
Send a test e-mail
Secure with https
Network without a dhcp server
System information
Configuration with other tools
Changing the console language
Firmwarecontains the firmware management࡯others
Functions for editing commands
Function keys for the command line
Encrypted configuration with ssh access
Function esc key sequences
Ssh authentication
Generating key pairs
Installing the private key on the ssh client
Isdn remote configuration via dial- up network
This is what you need for isdn remote configuration
The first remote connection using a ppp client and telnet
The default layer for remote field installations
The administrator access for isdn remote management
Working with configuration files
Running function
Switching over to asymmetric firmsafe
Firmware upgrade with asymmetric firmsafe
Upload, or click directly on the firmware upload
Firmware upload via the serial interface with configuration reset
Load files directly from a tftp or http server into the device
How to reset the device?

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