Cod. 1-5302-858 workshop manual 1003 focs engine Series

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cod. 1-5302-858
1003 FOCS Engine Series

- 3 -
- Every attempt has been made to present within this service manual, accurate and up to date technical information.
However, development on the LOMBARDINI'>LOMBARDINI series is continuous.
Therefore, the information within this manual is subject to change without notice and without obligation- The information contained within this service manual is the sole property of LOMBARDINI.
As such, no reproduction or replication in whole or part is allowed without the express written permission of
Information presented within this manual assumes the following - The person or people performing service work on LOMBARDINI series engines is properly trained and equipped to safely and professionally perform the subject operation - The person or people performing service work on LOMBARDINI series engines possesses adequate hand and
LOMBARDINI special tools to safely and professionally perform the subject service operation - The person or people performing service work on LOMBARDINI series engines has read the pertinent information regarding the subject service operations and fully understands the operation at hand.
This manual was written by the manufacturer to provide technical and operating information to authorised
LOMBARDINI after-sales service centres to carryout assembly, disassembly, overhauling, replacement and tuning operations.
As well as employing good operating techniques and observing the right timing for operations, operators must read the information very carefully and comply with it scrupulously.
Time spent reading this information will help to prevent health and safety risks and financial damage.
Written information is accompanied by illustrations in order to facilitate your understanding of every step of the operating phases.

Engine series
Maintenance - recommended oil type - refilling .............................................................. 18-21
Chapter index
Chapter index
Lombardini s.r.l. warranty obligations here above described will be cancelled if:-lombardini
General remarks and safety information
Possible cause
Technical information
Sae w **sae w **
Api / mil sequences
Sae- grademaintenance - recommended oil type - refilling
Maintenance - recommended oil type - refilling
Fuels for low temperatures
Emission control information
Disassembly / reassembly
Danger - attention
E.g.r. circuit
Disassembly / reassembly
Driving pulley
Valve timing check
Timing angles for operating purposes
Speed governor - limiting speed governor
Rocker arm cover
Crankcase vacuum regulator valve
Rocker arm assembly
Classø cylinder - mm
Before remounting lubrificate the piston pin, piston, cylinder
Cylinder head tightening procedure
E = 54,000÷55,100(b-d)
Connecting rod alignment
Central main bearing caps
Crankshaft, lubrication lines
Danger – attention
Oil pressure regulating valve
Coolant circuit
Coolant circulation pump, components
Fuel lift pump
Offset holesreference number
B = 6.80÷7.05 mm.if this measure is larger put spacer 2
Instrument connection
Fuel systeminjection pumps delivery balancing
C) acapacity k -
Wiring diagram for preheating gear case
Pre-heating water temperature thermistor and water
Pump/injector unit timing with speed governor
Setting the idle maximum (standard)
Settingspump injection delivery setting
Caution - warning
Special tools

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