Clinical protocol

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Ethnicity and Diversity
1.9.1 Communication and the provision of information are essential tools of good quality care. All patients, carers and staff should be given full assistance to ensure understanding. This assistance will take many forms and media. These principles should be enshrined in all formal documents.

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust Protocol for manual removal of faeces (acute) In adults over the age of 18 years V Page of July 2016 1.9.2 Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust is committed to ensuring that patients whose first language is not English receive the information they need and are able to communicate appropriately with healthcare staff. It is not appropriate to use children under the age of 16 to interpret for family members who do not speak English. There is an interpreter service available and staff should be aware of how to access this service.
1.9.3 The privacy and dignity rights of patients must be observed whilst enforcing any care standards e.g. providing same sex carers for those who request it. (Refer to Privacy and Dignity Policy.
1.9.4 All forms of communication (e.g. sign language, visual aids, easy read documents or other means) which ensures the patient understands should be considered. Different languages or format regarding publications can be produced through the Communications and Engagement Team and a translation service should be made available where required.

Clinical protocol
Executive summary
Governance arrangements
Related policies/procedures
Document tracking sheet
Contents page
Roles and responsibilities
Training and awareness
Monitoring compliance and effectiveness of this policy
Monitoring matrix:
Equality analysis
Glossary and abbreviations
Appendix 2 bristol stool form scale
Knowledge and
Performance criteria
Appendix 3 care and management of autonomic dysreflexia
Common causes of autonomic dysreflexia.
Signs and symptoms
Specialist advice

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