Cisco Small Business Pro spa and Wireless ip phone Administration Guide

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Cisco SPA and Wireless IP Phone
Cisco SPA525G, SPA, SPA, SPA, and

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Cisco SPA and Wireless IP Phone Administration Guide

About this document
Chapter 3: configuring lines and extensions
Chapter 5: configuring sip, spcp, and nat
Chapter 6: configuring security, quality, and network features
Chapter 8: configuring regional parameters and supplementary services 147
Chapter 9: configuring the spa attendant console
Documentation” section on page 277
Customizing cisco spa
Finding information in pdf files
Step 3press enter. step 4
Overview, page 15
Phone model
Cisco spa attendant console
Cisco spa voice system
Figure 1 cisco spa ip phones with cisco spa ip pbx
Other sip ip pbx call control systems
Appendix c, whereto
Determining the current firmware version
Spa9x2step 1
Step 2search to locate your product.step 3
Step 3enter the ip address of your phone.step 4
Step 3follow the onscreen instructions.step 4
Step 1launch a web browser on a computer that can reach the phone on the network.step 2
Understanding administrator and user views
Accessing administrative options
Using the web administration tabs
To perform these tasks...
Chapter 5, configuring
Chapter 4, customizing
Configuring lines and extensions
Configuring a line
Configuring shared line
Configuring call pickup and busy lamp field
Configuring speed dial
Configuring unused line keys for call park on the spa525g
Configuring unused line keys to access services
Chapter 5, configuring sip, spcp, and nat.”
Chapter 6, configuring security, quality,
Configuring broadsoft settings (spa525g), page 81
Configuring voice mail
Customizing cisco spa and wireless ip phones
Step 1log into the web administration interface. step 2
Spa942/962:step 1
Spa525g:step 1
Configuring the screen saver
Step 7click submit all changes.spa525g
Configuring back light settings (spa525g)
Step 2click admin login and advanced.step 3
Step 6click submit all changes.enabling call back
Step 5click submit all changes.enabling call waiting
Enabling do not disturb
Enabling the missed call shortcut
Step 5click submit all changes.enabling secure call
Configuring the message waiting indicator
Configuring on-demand ring tones (spa525g)
Appendix c, whereto go from
Step 1open the ring tone utility.step 2
Notenot applicable to the spa525g.note:
Step 3click the phone tab. step 4
Step 6click submit all changes.wip310
Step 6click the phone tab.step 7
Unused line keys to access services (spa525g)” section on page 40
Session initiation protocol and cisco ip phones, page 87
Configuring sip, spcp, and nat
Sip over tcp
Chapter 9, configuring the
Notenot applicable to wip310.parameter
Step 5click submit all changes.note:
Step 5click submit all changes.configuring sdp payload types
Notenot applicable to spa525g.parameter
Parameter description
Notenot applicable to the spa525g.parameter
Network address translation (nat) and cisco ip phones
Nat mapping with sip-alg router, page 110
Nat mapping with sip-alg router
Whether the router uses symmetric or asymmetric nat on page 113
Nat mapping enable:
Insert via received
Step 3click admin
Secure call indication tone
Configuring security, quality, and network features
Configuring dhcp, static ip, and pppoe information
Step 5click submit all changes.setting a static ip address
Step 5click submit all changes.configuring pppoe settings
Step 3click the system tab.step 4
Provisioning basics
Provisioning configuration from phone keypad
Wip310step 1
Ip phone configuration profiles
General purpose parameters
Upgrading, resyncing, and rebooting phones
Upgrading firmware on a phone
Note:the phone resyncs only when it is idle.parameter
Automatic in-house preprovisioning
Configuration access control
Server certificates
Client certificates
Configuring regional parameters and
Configuring regional parameters and supplementary services
Example 1: normal ring
Example 3: sit tone
Example 1: sit tone
Control timer values (sec)
Entering star code values
Bonus services announcement description
Localizing your ip phone
Configuring daylight savings time
Daylight saving time examples
Selecting a display language
Configuring the spa for the spa, page 176
Configuring the asterisk server for the spa932
Configuring the spa932
Configuring the spa attendant console
Unit/key configuration scripts
Broadsoft busy lamp field auto-configuration (spa525g)” section on
Step 1log into the web administration interface.step 2
Step 6click submit all changes.spa932 parameter notes
Creating an led script
Spa and wireless ip phone field reference
Bluetooth settings
Notewip310 and spa525g only.parameter
Notenot applicable to wip310 or spa525g.parameter
Screen (spa525g), page 269
Notewip310 only.parameter
Note:these parameters apply only to the spa962.note:
Information and display settings section on page 47.
Configuring broadsoft
Spa932 status
Product resources
Where to go from here

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