Chapter 1330 Traffic Control Signals Design Manual m 22-01

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WSDOT Design Manual M 22-01.15

Page 1330-1
July 2018
Chapter 1330
Traffic Control Signals
1330.01 General
1330.02 Procedures
1330.03 Intersection Design Considerations
1330.04 Conventional Traffic Signal Design
1330.05 Preliminary Signal Plan
1330.06 Operational Considerations for Design
1330.07 Documentation
1330.08 References
1330.01 General
Traffic control signals are automated traffic control devices that warn or direct motorists to take a specific action. Traffic control signals are used to control the assignment of right of way at locations where conflicts with motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians exist or where passive devices such assigns and markings do not provide the necessary flexibility of control to move motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians in an efficient manner. The decision to install a traffic signal is the result of an Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) (see Chapter 1300
) that is approved by the region Traffic Engineer or other designated authority.

Traffic control signals
Chapter 1330
Exhibit 1330-1 responsibility for facilities
Inside the corporate limits of cities with a population of 27,500 or greater where there is
Exhibit 1330-3 left-turn lane configuration examples
Exhibit 1330-4 recommended features for intersections near rail crossings
R10-12 sign required.
Exhibit 1330-7e.
Exhibit 1330-9 signal display maximum heights
Exhibit a ppb placement on vertical shaft poles
Cantilevered steel mast arm
Overhead utilities:
Exhibit 1330-13 signal display surface areas
Pole class tension load
Exhibit 1330-15 fixed vehicle detection placement
Decision zone endpoint calculation
Radar detectors
Exhibit 1330-17 video detector placement
Wireless in-pavement sensors
Permissive left-turn phasing
Protected/permissive left-turn phasing
Protected left-turn phasing

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