Bowel Management

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Flatulence (wind) is just as embarrassing now as it was before your injury. Odour depends on what you have eaten. Your wind will probably smell bad after you eat food that’s high in protein, such as meat, fish, or eggs. If you eat a vegetarian diet, your gas probably won’t smell so bad, but you’ll have a lot of it. Excessive bacterial breakdown of bowel contents that is usual for you, or intolerance to dairy products (Lactose intolerance) can also cause bloating. Please discuss this with your GP as medications can help. To help avoid this embarrassing issue you may wish to consider the following points
Your surroundings
Release gas at appropriate times and places. Good ventilation, deodorant spray and air fresheners can help mask odours.
Push-ups or leaning to the side might help release gas.
Think about how you eat
Excessive gas maybe due to swallowing excessive air while you’re eating or drinking. Eat your food slowly,
chew with your mouth closed, try not to gulp your food and don’t talk with food in your mouth.
Be aware of foods that can cause gas
Avoid specific foods from your diet, one at a time, do this until you’ve learned which, if any cause you to have gas, and then cut down on those foods.
Check your bowel programme
Increasing the frequency of bowel care may reduce the amount of stool you store in your colon that will produce gas.
Don’t try too hard to hold in the gas, it can give you a stomachache or headache.

Remember Passing wind means your digestive system is working right. It was ok to pass wind before your injury it’s still ok to pass wind now
It took me along time to get a bowel routine established while I was in hospital. It was one of the most difficult things about my rehab but once established I have had very few problems since.

Managing your bowels
The science bit
Upper motor neuron or reflex bowel
Lower motor neuron or flaccid hypotonic bowel
Coffee, tea, cocoa or soft drinks
Other factors
Performing bowel care
Manual evacuation
Medication stimulant laxatives
Osmotic laxatives

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