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• How can I reduce the amount of CPU BFD uses?

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• How can I reduce the amount of CPU BFD uses?
Generally, the less data throughput, the less CPU BFD will use - so if you follow the memory reduction tips, you will find this reduces BFD’s CPU load as well, as most of the CPU load comes from operations related to the disk streaming, or from the operating system being forced to use virtual memory (which requires swapping large chunks of RAM to disk. Additionally, the following guidelines can reduce CPU usage:
• Set ambient microphone Width to normal, and distance to 0 - these DSP operations take extra processing.
In the Options Panel, disable any graphics animations you can live without.
• BFD’s samples are kHz – running BFD at any other sample rate will require realtime resampling of the audio. When you consider that BFD streams 11 channels of audio for every voice, you’ll appreciate that this can cause massive CPU strain. If you can run your host at kHz, then no realtime resampling is required. Likewise, using the tuning controls for each Kit-Piece eats more CPU.
• Close the editor window if you don’t need it.
• Make your host precessing buffer size as big as your requirements can allow. If you don’t need super-small latency because you are composing in a looping or offline manner, BFD will appreciate the extra time to process the hundreds of audio channels it is synthesizing.
• (Mac) Make sure your hard drive with the BFD Data does not have File Journalling turned on.

Bfd supplemental manual - contents
Using bfd in cakewalk sonar
Bfd user faq23installation and authorization problems
Additional features
Duplicate assignment highlighting in page 1 and page 2 tabs
Hihat auto pedal splash function (page 1 tab)
Bfd stereo, bfd groups
Usng bfd n stenberg cubase sx
Audio environment
Bfd groups and the overhead bus on bfd all
Usng bfd n dgdesgn pro tools
Bfd (stereo) from the multi-channel rtas plug-in/other
Bfd (rewire)
Usng bfd au n motu dgtal performer
Project/add track
New mono bundle/bfd (rewire):bfds #6 7
Project/add track/midi track
Usng bfd n cakewalk project 
Insert dxi synth preferences
Refresh then fast scan (recommended)
Damping (ref. manual 6:2)
Humanize velocity panel (ref. manual 8:10)
Transition mode
Kit-piece mixer area (ref. manual page 21)
A note about latency
E-drum features not supported by bfd
Important note about cross-talk
Mappng dfferent types of pads/trggers
Roland hihat notes midi note number mapping in bfd
Specfic nformaton for e-drum systems
Control panel/device manager

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