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• I’m getting clicks and pops!

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• I’m getting clicks and pops!
First of all, please verify if you are only getting this behaviour with BFD. Clicks and pops are usually a result of interruptions to the computer, caused by conflicting IRQs and substandard motherboards (such as those with a VIA chipset). These symptoms are also very common when using very low latencies on a computer which cannot handle them. Often, you may not get clicks and pops when working on small projects however, the symptoms can manifest themselves when using many tracks and plugins, or some resource-hungry plugins. BFD makes big demands on the disk subsystem (that is, the hard drive and the controller and routing on the motherboard used to deliver the data to the operating system. Try increasing the latency (i.e. the size of the buffers) on your soundcard, and increasing buffer-size settings within your host. Also, try looking at the various cache and buffer settings in the Options panel.
It is also possible that you have insufficient RAM to run BFD at full quality. Please seethe item below on making BFD useless memory.
If you cannot fix the problem, please contact our support channels for further assistance.

Bfd supplemental manual - contents
Using bfd in cakewalk sonar
Bfd user faq23installation and authorization problems
Additional features
Duplicate assignment highlighting in page 1 and page 2 tabs
Hihat auto pedal splash function (page 1 tab)
Bfd stereo, bfd groups
Usng bfd n stenberg cubase sx
Audio environment
Bfd groups and the overhead bus on bfd all
Usng bfd n dgdesgn pro tools
Bfd (stereo) from the multi-channel rtas plug-in/other
Bfd (rewire)
Usng bfd au n motu dgtal performer
Project/add track
New mono bundle/bfd (rewire):bfds #6 7
Project/add track/midi track
Usng bfd n cakewalk project 
Insert dxi synth preferences
Refresh then fast scan (recommended)
Damping (ref. manual 6:2)
Humanize velocity panel (ref. manual 8:10)
Transition mode
Kit-piece mixer area (ref. manual page 21)
A note about latency
E-drum features not supported by bfd
Important note about cross-talk
Mappng dfferent types of pads/trggers
Roland hihat notes midi note number mapping in bfd
Specfic nformaton for e-drum systems
Control panel/device manager

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