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Important note about cross-talk

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Important note about cross-talk
It is very common to experience cross-talk symptoms when using e-drum systems, due to vibrations being transmitted to other pads when one is struck. This is often made worse by the fact that most e-drum systems are supplied with a single frame mounting system, resulting in less isolation for each pad. In practice, this is not such a huge problem, as it reflects what would happen with areal drumkit to some extent. However, when using BFD, it can lead to much more data being streamed from the hard disk. As well as this, you may experience problems when using MIDI Learn for note assignment. Please consult your e-drum system documentation for information on how to minimize cross-talk.
It can be more effective to use manual note assignment when assigning your e-drum system to BFD’s sounds. In order to do this, you need to know which note is sent out by each pad, or by each part of the pad. Sometimes the brain itself will have setup pages which provide this information, while it can often also be found in the manual. There will be situations, however, when you may have to examine the MIDI output from the drum brain, either using a MIDI monitor or by recording the output and viewing the recorded events.

Bfd supplemental manual - contents
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