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Kit-Piece Mixer area (ref. manual page 21)

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Kit-Piece Mixer area (ref. manual page 21)
• You can adjust the pitch of the Kit-Piece with the Tune controls (snare sidestick tuning can be disabled in the Play Options panel).
• You can also adjust the level of the Kit-Piece in the ambient mic buses with the Kit-Piece Trim controls.
• Each Kit-Piece additionally has a Dynamics control, which scales the velocity of the incoming notes up or down, effectively resulting in the Kit-Piece being played more loudly or more softly.
Direct Mixer area(ref. manual page 23)
• This area of the Mixer controls the signals in the direct mic bus that is the primary direct close mic’d signal and the bleed channels.
• The Direct Trim and Pan controls adjust the level and stereo position of the direct mic channels direct signals are mono).
• BFD’s kicks and snares are both recorded with 2 mics. Kicks are recorded with a mic inside and outside the drum, while snares are recorded with a mic above and below the drum. The Kick
In/Out and Snare Bot/Top controls allow you to blend between these mics. The phase of the 2 signals can be flipped with the Phase trip switches.
Chapter 3: Getting Started
BFD supplemental manual

Output controls (see ref. manual 10:3)
BFD comes in a variety of output configurations:
BFD Stereo (Stereo output)
BFD Groups (Group outputs 4 stereo)
BFD All (All outputs 3 stereo and 11 mono)
BFD Ultra (6 stereo and 22 mono outputs)
Depending on which version you launch, the Output Options panel (see ref. manual 10:2) will give you a variety of routing options for the mic channels in BFD.
Bleed controls
The Bleed controls offer global manipulation of the bleed mic channels in BFD’s Kit-
Pieces. You can adjust the levels of bleed in the kick, snare and multi (only effective on some
BFD XFL Kit-Pieces) mic channels. The Bleed to primary direct option routes all bleed signals fora Kit-Piece to the output to which the primary direct mic channel is routed.
Output Matrix
The Matrix which dominates the Output Options panel allows you to route any mic channel (primary direct, bleed and ambient mic channels) in any Kit-Piece to any available output.
• Each mic channel in each Kit-Piece slot is represented by a cell in the Matrix. Clicking the cell results in a drop-down menu appearing, from which you can select any available output.
Please seepage of the reference manual for an example of how you can use the output routing.
BFD supplemental manual Chapter 3: Getting Started

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