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. Playng Grooves n BFD

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. Playng Grooves n BFD
BFD features a built-in MIDI file playing system called the Groove Librarian, which comes with a large number of prerecorded MIDI drum performances. This allows you to play Grooves either by playing MIDI notes, or you can configure BFD to start playing a Groove and repeat it, optionally shuffling through the loaded Grooves) when you start your sequencer playing (‘auto-accompaniment mode. You can also audition them inside BFD itself, with no external input at all.
Auditioning Grooves (ref. manual 8:3)
1. Load a Groove Bundle by dragging it from the Browsers to Groove Bank A or B (see ref. manual
2. [SHIFT]-click on a Groove slot containing a Groove in order to audition it. Click the Auto Repeat button for the Bank to which you dragged the Groove Bundle (ref. manual
4. [SHIFT]-click the Groove again. You’’ll notice it keeps repeating. [SHIFT[-click the Groove again, or click the Panic button, to stop it.
You can use the other Auto Repeat Groove functions to add more variety when auditioning.
Auto-accompaniment with a host sequencer (ref. manual 8:4)
1. Perform steps 1 and 3 in the Auditioning Grooves procedure (see above. Bring up the Play Options panel (ref. manual 9:2) and enable the Respond to song start, Respond to song stop and Sync to song options. Ensure the Default Groove option is pointing to a Groove slot containing a Groove. Start your sequencer playing. You should hear the Groove repeating in sync with your host project, until you stop the sequencer.
You can use the other Auto Repeat Groove functions to add more variety when in auto- accompaniment mode.
Playing Grooves using MIDI notes (ref. manual You can also play Grooves in real time using MIDI input (via realtime input from a hardware MIDI controller, or by using your sequencers MIDI editors such as the piano roll. Each Groove Bank contains 12 slots, which respond to notes in the following octaves note names use the -2 octave numbering system – see ref. manual page 55 for details):
Bank AC to B Bank BC to B Fill Bank C to B5
BFD contains a variety of ways to adjust the response of the Groove Librarian, including the following (both adjustable in the Play Options panel):
Latching mode
BFD usually plays a Groove while a key is held down. Latching mode allows you to start a Groove playing by playing a MIDI note, and to stop it by playing the note again.
Chapter 3: Getting Started
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