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Usng BFD n Dgdesgn Pro Tools

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Usng BFD n Dgdesgn Pro Tools
• Mbox owners may have more trouble getting low latencies and consistant performance.
We’ve experienced trouble with BFD and the Mbox on a 1.5 GHz powerbook whereas using a Digi002 there were no problems at all. The limitations of USB, unfortunately, cause the problems.
• TDM and HD system owners please realise that although you may have a big MIX farm or HD rig this does not necessarily mean you will achieve amazing performance for plugins like BFD, which run entirely on your host machine’s CPU.
• How you use BFD in Pro Tools depends on which Pro Tools version you’re using. Firstly, you must have at least v. Versions up to 6.4 do not support multiple outputs from
RTAS plugins. Therefore, if you want multiple output functionality, you must either use
ReWire, or update to v or later.
Using BFD RTAS in Digidesign Pro Tools 6.7 or later
Pro Tools 6.7 and subsequent versions support multiple outputs from RTAS plugins. Insert the Groups, All or Ultra multi-channel RTAS versions of BFD onto a stereo Audio track. This will output the Overhead mics as its stereo output pair. The first stereo pair of a multi-out RTAS instrument is the primary outut, which cannot be assigned to an Aux output. Now add the relevant number of Aux tracks. The number and type (stereo/mono) will depend upon which version of BFD you’re using (Groups requires 3 stereo Auxes, All requires 2 stereo and 11 mono Auxes, while Ultra requires 5 stereo and 22 mono Aux channels.
3. Assign the relevant outputs from the BFD instrument as the inputs to the Aux tracks after BFD is inserted, its outputs will become available as input sources. Create a MIDI track and assign its output to BFD.
Using BFD RTAS in Digidesign Pro Tools 6.4 or earlier
Firstly, it is necessary to have at least version 6.2 of Pro Tools installed, preferably v for best performance. Any versions prior to 6.2 have severe problems with RTAS instrument plugins.
Versions of Pro Tools up to 6.4 do not support multiple outputs from RTAS plugins. You will be limited to using the stereo version of BFD when using RTAS. You can achieve multiple output functionality using ReWire, however (see below).
Add anew Audio Track or Aux channel using the File/New Track menu item.
Create anew MIDI track. On the mixer view, click an insert button on the Audio channel you just inserted, and select

Bfd supplemental manual - contents
Using bfd in cakewalk sonar
Bfd user faq23installation and authorization problems
Additional features
Duplicate assignment highlighting in page 1 and page 2 tabs
Hihat auto pedal splash function (page 1 tab)
Bfd stereo, bfd groups
Usng bfd n stenberg cubase sx
Audio environment
Bfd groups and the overhead bus on bfd all
Bfd (stereo) from the multi-channel rtas plug-in/other
Bfd (rewire)
Usng bfd au n motu dgtal performer
Project/add track
New mono bundle/bfd (rewire):bfds #6 7
Project/add track/midi track
Usng bfd n cakewalk project 
Insert dxi synth preferences
Refresh then fast scan (recommended)
Damping (ref. manual 6:2)
Humanize velocity panel (ref. manual 8:10)
Transition mode
Kit-piece mixer area (ref. manual page 21)
A note about latency
E-drum features not supported by bfd
Important note about cross-talk
Mappng dfferent types of pads/trggers
Roland hihat notes midi note number mapping in bfd
Specfic nformaton for e-drum systems
Control panel/device manager

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