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BFD Groups and the Overhead bus on BFD All

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BFD Groups and the Overhead bus on
BFD All) appear at the original Audio Instrument channel used for BFD. Additional outputs from 3 onwards are available to use as inputs to Aux channels. If any of BFD’s outputs have not been routed to an Aux channel, then they will be mixed into the original BFD Audio Instrument channel. Create anew audio object in the Audio Environment and change the Cha parameter
(you’ll find it in the audio object parameters on the left of the environment window) for the object to
Aux 1. Repeat this procedure for the number of channels you’ll need for BFD (and perhaps more for other instruments if you require it. Chapter 2: Launching BFD
BFD supplemental manual

• BFD (Group Outputs) needs 3 stereo Aux channels (the first output is played through the original Audio Instrument channel used for BFD)
• BFD (All Outputs) requires 2 stereo and 10 mono.
If you use BFD in multichannel mode a lot, it’s a good idea to create these Aux channels in your Autoload.LSO so they’re already available when you start anew project. To direct one of BFD’s multiple output channels to an Aux channel, click-hold on the input selector on the Aux channel (the 2nd selector above the fader) and select Instrument N (where N is the Audio Instrument channel containing BFD) Outputs
3-4, 5-6 etc. You will, of course, need to assign the Aux channel output to one of the Master channels, or to a Bus with an output to a Master channel, in order to hear these outputs.
Please note that versions of Logic prior to 7.1 do not have automatic plugin delay compensation for Aux channels, sousing any plugins which introduce a delay into the signal path will lead to that channel’s output being delayed.
BFD supplemental manual Chapter 2: Launching BFD

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