Before you can run in the world, you must create a character. This is done by choosing what type of character you want and then rolling up

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| Survival Manual for OUBLIETTE |
1) Introduction 17) Charmee Shops
2) Characteristics 18) Hotels
3) Alignment 19) Non-Combat Options
4) Hits 20) Combat Options
5) Naming 21) Other Adventurers
6) Equipment 22) Monster Types
7) Parties 23) Monster List
8) Taverns 24) Treasures
9) Types 25) Traps
10) Classes 26) Conversion Table
11) Castles 27) Magic Spells
12) Corwin's 28) Cleric Spells
13) Merlin's 29) Armor Class
14) Healing House 30) Experience
15) Leisure Spa 31) Death
16) Guilds 32) Statistics
Welcome to the world of OUBLIETTE. In this
game you will find much adventure, glory, and fun.
This fantasy land that you will read about in

Also a high constitution is important when you
L_eave the tavern, then the rest of your party will
Con.-constitution base-base ++ well above average
Cleric 0 0 12 0 0 0 1.08 ** 1 l
After rolling up his character, every player
Merlin will make you an offer which you may either
You will be treated much better here than laying
Data - see your characters stats
You must be a female to have this option work for
When you hit this key you will send a message on
If no sign appears before the name then he is
Polymorph this will transform the opener into a
Protection from fire
This spell came from a more innocent age where
Scholars assume that this means that it gives a
It is commonly thought that opening is the word
Som is the second strongest element. it is
Why this only works on fiegor is unknown, perhaps
Clerical hold monster
The beginning word is the most holy of all words
Armor class is the defensive power of your

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