Before installation or use. M. Nr. 10 232 670 en us important safety instructions

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Be aware of loose fitting or hanging clothing when using the rotary iron.
Items such as wide sleeves or apron strings could be wound in the roller.
Remove all jewlery and tieback longhair before ironing.
Do not allow children to play on or near the rotary iron, or to operate it themselves.
Close supervision is necessary for any appliance being used by or near children. Do not leave appliance unattended while connected.
When the rotary iron is heated there is a danger of burns if the heater plate is touched if the foot pedal is pressed down while fingers or hands are positioned between the raised heater plate and the roller to smooth an item.
When the steam setting is on, do
not unscrew the cap to the water reservoir. Danger of burns!
Always disconnect appliance from electrical outlet when filling with water or emptying, and when not in use.
Do not use distilled water. It will cause pitting corrosion of the water reservoir.
Never drape items over the heater plate when it is heated.
This is afire hazard. Hang laundry on the laundry bar.
Hang laundry on the laundry swing out bar. The swing out bar is only to be used to hang laundry. Swing it back immediately after use. Take care not to press down on the rod when it is swung out, as this could cause the iron to tip over.
Turn the appliance off before removing the plug from the electrical outlet.
Pull only on the plug and not on the power cord.
Do not lay the power cord over the heater plate when it is heated. This could damage the cord - danger of electric shock.
Use the cable holders attached to the appliance to secure the cord.
Do not allow cord to touch hot surfaces. Let appliance coll completely before putting away. Loop cord loosely around appliance when storing.
Do not store the iron in a room where there is a risk of frost occurring.
Frozen water in the reservoir and steam line can damage the appliance.
Accessories should only be used if approved by Miele. If other parts are used, warranty, performance and product liability claims maybe void.
Regard the national and local codes and standards.

Contents2 cleaning and care
Technical and electrical safety
Important safety instructions
Save these instructions
Moving and folding the appliance
Before using for the first time
Preparing the laundry
Materialdampness for ironing
Using the iron for the first time:
Emptying the water reservoir
Turning on and off
Turning the steam setting on
Selecting the roller speed
To raise the heater plate:
Ironing20 tips
To store the rotary iron:
To free a trapped item:
Sheets and bedspreads
Shirts^ remove the feed board to iron shirts.1. shoulder yoke
Steam-pressing skirts
Cleaning the casing
Cleaning and care
The laundry is not properly or poorly pulled in.
Frequently asked questions
After sales service
This appliance must be

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