Before installation or use. M. Nr. 10 232 670 en us important safety instructions

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5. Cuffs and sleeves
^ First iron both sides of the cuff on the left edge of the roller. Fold double-cuffs with one buttonhole placed over the other one and press lightly Smooth out the sleeve and place it on the edge of the roller Iron the arm from the edge of the cuff to the underarm. Shift diagonally to iron the full width of the arm hole.
Ironing Tips

Smock-type aprons
^ Iron smocks as you would a shirt.
Aprons with ties
^ Iron the ties one by one up to the bib,
then over the bib and up to the waistband Then iron, in passes, up to the waistband, or iron crosswise. Let the bib hangover the left edge of the roller.
Steam-pressing pants
^ Lay each pant leg separately on the roller. Let the upper part hang down over the left edge of the roller Cover with a damp cloth, then turn the roller by hand until the part of the pants to be pressed is covered by the heater plate Press each leg from both sides starting from the crease Iron the upper part from waistband to inseam of pants and jeans in sections. Seton a slow speed

Contents2 cleaning and care
Technical and electrical safety
Important safety instructions
Save these instructions
Moving and folding the appliance
Before using for the first time
Preparing the laundry
Materialdampness for ironing
Using the iron for the first time:
Emptying the water reservoir
Turning on and off
Turning the steam setting on
Selecting the roller speed
To raise the heater plate:
Ironing20 tips
To store the rotary iron:
To free a trapped item:
Sheets and bedspreads
Shirts^ remove the feed board to iron shirts.1. shoulder yoke
Steam-pressing skirts
Cleaning the casing
Cleaning and care
The laundry is not properly or poorly pulled in.
Frequently asked questions
After sales service
This appliance must be

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