Before installation or use. M. Nr. 10 232 670 en us important safety instructions

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Selecting the roller speed
There are 5 roller speed settings, from low (approximately 6.5 ft/min.[2 m/min])
to high 15 ft/min. [4.5 m/min]).
A lower roller speed makes it easier to iron complicated articles, such as shirts and blouses. It is also best to select a low roller speed when ironing layered or folded items, which may require more than one pass through the rotary iron to get them smooth and dry.
Thinner, single-thickness articles, such as handkerchiefs or dishcloths, can be ironed at a higher roller speed Set the roller speed selector to the desired speed.
The ironing process is controlled by the foot pedal, which has three operating positions rest (heater plate is raised press iron
To iron:
^ Press the foot pedal all the way down to the floor.
Do not put fingers between the heater plate and the roller.
Danger of crushing and burns!
To press:
^ First press the foot pedal down to the floor, then lift your foot up a little, so that the heater plate remains in position but the roller does not rotate.

Contents2 cleaning and care
Technical and electrical safety
Important safety instructions
Save these instructions
Moving and folding the appliance
Before using for the first time
Preparing the laundry
Materialdampness for ironing
Using the iron for the first time:
Emptying the water reservoir
Turning on and off
Turning the steam setting on
To raise the heater plate:
Ironing20 tips
To store the rotary iron:
To free a trapped item:
Sheets and bedspreads
Shirts^ remove the feed board to iron shirts.1. shoulder yoke
Steam-pressing skirts
Cleaning the casing
Cleaning and care
The laundry is not properly or poorly pulled in.
Frequently asked questions
After sales service
This appliance must be

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